Bicom therapies in conjunction with scientific and alternative dentistry

Dr. med. dent. Ernst Beereuter, Zurich, Switzerland

In current Western medicine, a duality exists in the form of a scientific and an alternative approach to medical practices. On the surface, these appear to be two fundamentally different perspectives. Where does BICOM® therapy stand in all this – does it constitute just one expert opinion or does it have a connecting function?

It is useful to broach this subject from the practical side as this device also has a practical impact. I will now outline a dental case treated with scientific, conventional methods on the one hand and additional alternative therapy on the other hand, and discuss the role of BICOM® therapy in this particular context.

BICOM® therapy in this particular context

The practical example is one of a young female patient suffering from an aggressive gum disease known as ANUG – acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis. It soon leads to the loss of tooth-supporting socalled alveolar bone, especially in the interdental spaces. The papillae also become painfully ulcerated between the teeth and form whitish deposits as they decompose sporadically. Those affected complain of a sweet-metallic mouth odour that is embarrassing on personal contact. The disease is often associated with physical exhaustion, nervous over-exertion and smoking.

Microbiologically, the spirochete Treponema denticola is involved (in addition to Bacteroides forsithus). In certain cases, this pathogen colonizes periodontal tissue as opposed to periodontal spaces like other microorganisms causing periodontitis.

Detection of micro-organisms

Detection of micro-organisms

The patient requested conventional dental treatment with the assistance of BRT. Conventional medicine implies treatment based on scientific methods, i.e. using physico-chemical products. The underlying Cartesian way of thinking believes that humans are highly-specific biochemical machines that essentially function according to the cause-effect mechanism based on the laws of Nature. As a physical device, the BICOM® device easily fits into this naturalistic context.

the BICOM® device easily fits into this naturalistic contextBRT can successfully support antibiotic treatments during therapy. Systemically administered drugs will have no effect, however, in parts of the body where there is no perfused tissue. Similarly, in this case, antibiotic therapy does not guarantee that much sought after cure but merely helps to improve the situation.

Treatment proved more successful when combined with BICOM® therapy and the information obtained from a bacterial plaque swab. These micro-organisms are relatively resistant to drug therapy as they are colonized in the tissue-free, nonperfused periodontal space. As soon as these bacteria have settled in this location, they form colonies and immediately surround them with a protective biofilm. This film is difficult/impossible for medicines to penetrate.

However, the oscillations of the BICOM® device seem to overcome this barrier effectively. For the first time, after many years of dental treatment, this disease stagnated in this patient and a marked, albeit incomplete recovery occurred

We used the following programs based on kinesiology testing:

1st Session:
Renal function disorder programs 481 and 482

2nd Session:
Blood circulation problems in the head region, program 502, inflammation of root (tooth) program 542 with 2 litres of sage tea in the output

3rd Session:
Inflammation of root (tooth) program 542 with 1 litre of sage tea in the output

4th Session:
Inflammation of root (tooth) 542, gum diseases program 511

5th Session:
Nerve regeneration programs 271 and 230 with 2 glasses of water in the output for immediate consumption

In order to maintain this outcome, the patient must attend dental hygiene appointments at frequent intervals (every 2 months) and optimise oral hygiene.

In short, it can be said that BICOM® therapy was clearly compatible with conventional medical treatment. A break-through was achieved with the help of BICOM® therapy. However, the healing requirement was not entirely met. If nicotine craving is also linked with this condition (which was not the case with this particular patient), it could be treated effectively using the BICOM® and by educating patients.

Patient exhaustion is another key area. As a dentist, I find it relatively difficult from a conventional medical viewpoint to see any connection between the teeth and exhaustion. However, alternative medicine provides an explanation from its astrological-mythical perspective. This connects the teeth to the organs in terms of energy and outwardly represents a link to the universe. The teeth are considered to be a Martian organ representing strength in the struggle for survival and generating weakness when the target organ fails. Besides Mars, Saturn relates to molar dentine and enamel. It reduces and hardens, leading to exhaustion.

So what causes exhaustion? Alternative thinking may well place the trigger factor beyond biochemical processes. Let’s assume that we humans are not only biochemical machines that all react to the same pattern but that each of us is unique and responds individually to our defining environment. This concept represents alternative, astrological-mythical medicine which claims that humans are characterised to an infinitely varied extent by the oscillating energy of the heavenly bodies. In our patient, environmental oscillations were responsible, namely geopathic stress in the sleeping area which made recovery impossible. Stress was tested kinesiologically. Following a clean-up of the sleeping area, the patient was stabilised again using BICOM® oscillations. Treatment success is tested, as you know, using meridian point EAP.

By working with oscillations, BRT links scientific and alternative medicine together, offering a complementary approach to medicine. The quest for this link leads us back to the very origins of existence. In the scientific search to unravel the origin of life, American student Stanley Miller uncovered the central significance of oscillations as early as 1952. He sent electrical oscillations through a gas mixture similar to the atmosphere of the young planet Earth. Complex molecules were formed as a result, the components of proteins and molecules, the smallest building blocks of living matter. From a scientific standpoint, oscillations appear to initiate life. Alternative medicine searches for the significance of oscillations in astrology. As far back as ancient times, it was believed that the cosmos was constructed according to the rules of music and generated corresponding oscillations. On descending to Earth, the human soul is characterised individually by musical oscillations according to the constellation of the heavenly bodies. Johannes Kepler studied the physics of elliptical planetary orbits and confirmed that the planets in our solar system oscillate harmoniously in the same way as tones.

In the early phase of the existence of living matter, oscillations bridge the two paradigms of medicine. Based on this connection, I see no argument against linking the scientific viewpoint with alternative medicine via BRT. Ultimately, patient wellbeing is what matters most. Tolerance will always prove more productive than conflicting standpoints which can be extremely destructive. Philosopher Ernst Cassirer adopted the sine wave as the symbol for the dividing line to illustrate the tolerance he postulated.

Ernst Cassirer sine wave

This is how I see the two sine waves depicted in the Regumed mark – the one indicating oscillations from scientific medicine and the other oscillations from alternative medicine.

In case 1 outlined above the linear approach was expanded. The cause and result were not just viewed as logical, biochemical, human-related pathways. We entered the realms of dual dimensionality at the very least and looked for an influence from outside. Did the sleeping area stress derive from “just” a watercourse, was it the building materials, was it artificially generated radiation or maybe even the harmful energy from an object or picture in the bedroom? An as yet undefined form of external energy was weakening the patient, as can be confirmed, for example, by testing acupuncture point SP4a. We were able to treat and stabilise the patient using BICOM® therapy.

Geopathy balance : Program 700

A building biology practitioner must clean the sleeping area otherwise it will be back to square one.

It was a completely routine case which gave me the first impressive insight into the mythical aspect of bioresonance therapy.

Case 2
A 56 year-old patient, an artist by profession, came to see me as an emergency case. He had an abscess. The tooth causing the problem was extracted and the wound treated. The patient was then treated using the post-operative program. No analgesics or antibiotics were administered.

Prior to surgical intervention: Pre-operative treatment program 921

Post-surgical intervention: Post-operative treatment program 920 and wound healing program 931

Post-operative treatment was almost 100% successful. It was helpful to imprint BRT oil in the output cup. The patient praised the wonderful cure that had left him pain-free and improved his quality of life. He outlined his subjective feelings as follows, based on an astrological-mythical thought process. “This was not a process that could be described as a dentogenic abscess. The process was not a clinical picture that could be summarised in a few words involving complex oscillations from within and without and which could therefore also be magically cured with oscillations.”

This case highlighted bioresonance as an adjuvant to conventional medicine. But there are also cases where conventional medicine can do nothing.

Case 3

healed tumourA female patient, born in 1957, with a healed tumour and good oral hygiene, suffering from severe periodontal defects.

The marker load was in a healthy range and the TBL (total bacterial load) was consistent with physiological colonisation. Firstly, we obtained information from energy testing via the sulcus fluid, the extracellular exudate that contains information in the periodontal pockets consistent with the tooth-organ relationship. (See Fulda Congress 2009 for procedure). The following programs resonated with the samples:

  • Program 817 lecithin (is a choline lipoid, actually phosphatidyl-choline. It promotes energy provision and delays fatigue)
  • Program 524 overstrained and tired eyes
  • Program 911 phantom pain (patient had undergone tumour surgery)
  • Individual setting 2100 Hz heat allergy
  • Program 270 TW – acute

At this point we go back to the microcosm of man, to the individual cells and the information they hold, where matter becomes virtually insignificant, but where concealed information, the mythical homo absconditus, has been stored from the outset.

What is true of small things applies on a larger scale too. Astrological influences require proof. Here’s an example:

Case 4

goldcapped tooth 36A male patient born in 1953. He was an electrician in the USA for many years where he came into close contact with Indian Shamanism. He suffered from a burning sensation and an indefinable malaise in the mouth. Intuitively, I looked first at goldcapped tooth 36.

I suspected crevice corrosion, which can manifest the following symptoms:

– Distorted taste
– Mucosal blisters
– Burning sensation on tongue
– Metallic taste
– Dry mouth
– Burning sensation
– Flushes

The neatest way of confirming a suspected diagnosis is to measure oral voltages. Here it’s not so much a question of the values measured rather than the range observed. The exact procedure is described in the therapy manual.

Tooth cleaning, including the removal of the gold cap, proved successful.

The patient had his own entirely plausible explanation for the process:

From an astrological perspective, he is a silver type as opposed to a gold type. My correct intuition can be clarified by the three-dimensional, astrological thought process. My ‘superego in the universe’ pointed me in the right direction and indicated that gold would go against his astrological characteristics.

Consideration must be given to the following metal connections:

Moon – Silver
Sun– Gold
Mars – Iron
Venus – Copper
Mercury – Mercury
Jupiter – Tin
Saturn – Lead
Uranus – Zinc,Platinum
Pluto – Plutonium
Neptune – Aluminium

Furthermore, this gives us the link to archetypal medicine, which also classifies minerals and herbal remedies from an astrological perspective.

It is therefore advisable to test dental materials for tolerance prior to use to prevent a kind of “star wars” in the oral cavity. Alternative medical practitioners see the explanation in potential astrological disharmony whilst conventional medical practitioners opt for physico-chemical incompatibilities.

The aim of all medical therapy should be good health, which is essential if we are to achieve our aims in life. The road to this can vary but the goals remain the same. Aristotle called it luck whilst the more serious philosopher, Kant, referred to the ultimate goal as happiness (Glückseeligkeit).

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