Bioresonance therapy as an invaluable tool in a successful practice

Dr med Gisela von Braunschweig, medical practitioner, Gelnhausen/Haitz


Whatever kind of practice one has, it remains a problem that all medication which was used with success in the past suddenly no longer works. The mesenchyme of patients is increasingly blocked. In the past ten years, the frequency and intensity of blockages has increased greatly. During the first twenty years of my practice I saw about 6 patients in total whose regulatory systems were all totally blocked. Today this happens to almost every patient. The brain seems to be the most protected organ, and the brain barrier seems to be able to hold off environmental toxins for a long time. One the other hand I have seen children who seem to be born with mercury poisoning. In these children amalgam could be measured even in early childhood in the central nervous system vessel. A homeopathic remedy, and I believe even traditional medicine, can have no effect, since the cells are blocked by heavy metals, chemicals and superficially cured diseases.

The toxin, which is the cause, can be searched for and removed via bioresonance only. Removal with the potentised toxin, as we know it with the KI series, will have no effect, since one does not know when the patient comes into contact with the toxin, even perhaps immediately after leaving the practice through airborne toxins. Nowadays the air is often full of lead, especially during atmospheric low pressure.

Only after the blockages have been removed via bioresonance with software version 4.4, the patient can be tested or treated, depending on the speciality of the practice. The cell can only function again after removal of the blockage. But toxin removal from the body should not be forgotten! After the removal of the blockage I test the patient, and then I remove the toxins.

I proved that bioresonance removal is effective via a study of laboratory tests. I reported this two years ago at the colloquium (RTI-Heft 22, 1998, pp. 59-70).

For removal of blockages I wish to suggest that the very fine setting is most effective:

E. g. Analogue potentising programme 30 (Ai/D3):

  • Ai
  • frequency 120 Hz (usually too high by 10 Hz)
  • constant amplification of 0.025, occasionally 0.05
  • continuous operation
  • therapy time 1-2 minutes but it is better and safer for just 1 (!) minute

Removal of blockages and of toxins has grown more exact and compatible with the new software version 4.4. A heavy burden is no longer put on the body. However, it must be set appropriately. For instance, if programme 30 is run for eight minutes, it causes massive toxin excretion which makes the patient ill for a week and critical of bioresonance. And we want to cure our patients, not harm them.

By the way, toxin removal, constitutional medication and antioxidants can reverse hypertrophy of the prostate, i. e. the complaints mostly vanish. Sometimes a mesenchymal reactivation, i. e. testing, is also necessary.


Not only the removal of blockages and of toxins can be done with bioresonance, but acute complaints, e. g. acute infections, can be treated supportively.

However, infections are increasingly triggered by the blockage of organs. The body tries to excrete metabolic wastes and fluids via the mucous membranes if the excretory organs are blocked. For instance, if one removes this blockage during the first two days, a cold vanishes within two days after removal of the blockage. If the mucous congestion lasts longer, it is a good base for pathogens in which to find a niche. The latter is a true infection!

For very ill patients, e. g. cancer patients, it is therefore important to remove the blockage at the start.

However, if bronchitis, pneumonitis etc. have developed already, bioresonance helps in addition to homeopathic therapy. In the case of bronchitis, the following BICOM® programmes are applied:

210 lungs
200 lymph
961 viral infection
380 kidneys
310 liver

It is advisable to arrange treatment according to the organ clock (see the figure). For instance, when is the cough worst? Are the colds (or weakness) always at the same time of year? Then one knows where (according to the organ clock) the weakness is, which should be treated. And, as always, experience is the best guide.

If one has an acute case of salmonella poisoning, a number of which I had to treat within a short period recently, bioresonance is very useful, especially in the case of older patients.

After treatment with the following BICOM® programmes

441 intestinal infection
240 circulation
310 liver acute *) see remark
200 lymph
380 kidneys

*) Increase H! Possibly 105 in the case of very serious cases. A soft laser can also be put on the navel for 2 seconds. Both 105 and the soft laser should not be used after 13:00 (sleeping disturbance)!

I give the patient the tested salmonella D4 -I- InfoRheum subcutaneously and thereafter the following to be taken hourly at home:

belladonna D4
pulsatilla D6
ipecac D4
10.0 ml / 15 drops an hour

Within two days even older patients are on their feet again. They may need Effortil circulation drops.

Shoulder arm syndromes which are all Campylobacter infections are also treated with bioresonance therapy in addition to the nosode. In the case of this illness several (daily) bioresonance therapy sessions can be prescribed if the complaints are very bad. This does not interfere with the nosodes.


The number and intensity of allergies have increased dramatically during the past few years. They are an expression or result of blockages. Allergies are seldom inborn, for instance in the case of people with a milk allergy.

The blockage must always be removed, as must the toxins.

If the allergy is triggered by food, and if one has a sample, it can simply be put in the input cup and the information can be removed easily. Unfortunately there are so many additives nowadays that are not listed that one is forced to search without necessarily finding anything. Usually heavy metal burdens exist.

However, even here I found that less is more. I treat the patients with the old software version 4.1 and the following setting:

programme 530
52 kHz wobble on
constant amplification H = 0.7
amplification Di reduced from 32 to 28 with increasing or decreasing levels 20s per level

This setting is also tolerated by asthmatic patients and those suffering from neurodermatitis.


In my practice I never use only one treatment method. I have therefore been „between all chairs” for more than 20 years. Whoever states that he is able to „cure” a patient with one method alone is unrealistic and deceives himself Do not believe this! Even classical homeopathy no longer functions in the same way today as it did 200 years ago in the time of Hahnemann, although it was still effective 25 years ago.


With bioresonance alone one cannot cure a chronic disease. For chronic hepatitis, for instance, the nosode is required. However, it is not a good thing to do bioresonance therapy regularly in combination with nosodes. Then the next potencies are no longer suitable. These patients will react to the nosodes similar to the therapist himself.

A therapist should test himself every week, since his energy field constantly changes through contact with patients. When a nosode does not fit, deterioration takes place. When the Kuf series has been tested, bioresonance therapy is unnecessary. Practical aspects, like how far away the patientlives, and what treatment costs, should also be considered.

As I said last year’, bioresonance is an important pillar of tumour therapy. The following is necessary at the start:

find the constitutional medication
tumour nosode
cleansing the bedroom
attitude to diet and to life
clarity on the significance of the disease

and if possible daily, but at least twice a week, bioresonance therapy with the following BICOM® programmes:

201 lymph chronic degenerative
430 liver detoxification 480
kidney detoxification 261
organ degeneration 950
increase of resistance

Here bioresonance therapy is necessary!

One must keep in mind that the immune system has collapsed. That is why the patient has a tumour. The patient is unable to deal with massive toxin removal. Therefore I increase the amplification of harmonic oscillations and reduce the amplification of Di and Ai if necessary. I always give 10 ml Beriglobin beforehand.

One should also be careful to use programme 201 in the case of leukosis, since one may feed the tumour. I prefer to support the mother, the child and the husband according to the rule of mother and child and the organ clock, i. e. the organs before, after and opposite the diseased one (see the figure). This supplies the diseased organ with energy.

For instance, in the case of a tumour in the large intestine, the lungs, the stomach as well as the kidneys are strengthened.


In my practice bioresonance therapy has also been proven for supporting chronic diseases like rheumatism. But this treatment is only an accompanying treatment. As the only treatment it does not bring conclusive results.


Finally I want to tell you about a new experience:

Every one of us is familiar with the problem that no progress is made with a patient.

It has finally become clear to me that we do not pay enough attention to the central regulation of the body by the brain. All organ functions are regulated by the brain, even the milieu of our bodies.

Everyone knows this! However, since there is no concrete way of examining the individual parts of the brain to date — neither chemical laboratory tests nor others — it is normally neglected. Even with EAV we have only limited means of measuring the individual parts of the brain.

One should be reminded of the functions of the different parts of the brain:

  1. Thalamus

    • is connected with the cerebral cortex, the extrapyramidal system, the cerebellum, spinal column
    • is the „switchboard” for optical and acoustic circuits
    • perception of pain and temperature
    • taste, balance
    • during synthesis affective reactions (enthusiasm and reluctance) are produced
    • resistance and flight reflexes
    • development of awareness
  2. Hypothalamus (lies in the diencephalon)

    • highest endocrine authority
    • governing controlling organ of the endocrine glands
    • has effects via neural information via vegetative nerves
    • connection to the limbic system via the thalamus to the cerebral cortex
    • affects vegetative functions, energy and water balance, circulation and breathing, waking and sleeping rhythm, psychic emotional life.
  3. Pituitary gland

    • „switchboard” of the endocrine system
    • function of the intra organic and inner secretions
    • connection to the hypothalamus
    • „switchboard” for emotions
    • feelings are the result of our hormonal system.
  4. Pineal gland

    • connected to GV20 and therefore to the liver
    • controls the body clock, the sleep wake rhythm
    • intervention in prolactin and melatonin production
    • therefore also influences depressions
    • plays a role in the co-ordination of the pituitary gland hypothalamus system.
  5. Limbic system

    • not enough is known about its function
    • also influences the sleep wake rhythm, instincts, sensations of joy, fury, anger and happiness.
  6. Medulla oblongata

    • lies in the area of the nape of the neck/first cervical vertebra. It contains vital systems and is connected to the midbrain and diencephalon.
    • he breathing and circulatory centre lies in it. But it seems to play a role in all systemic diseases.
  7. Corpus callosum

    • connects the two halves of the brain
    • We unfortunately have no regeneresis of this. I suspect that this falls under another regeneresis, as is the case with the limbic system.
    • When I have tested the available regenereses of the head, the limbic system and the corpus callosum are always present, too.

Increasing environmental burdens, environmental irritants, psychic and physical stress, traumas as well as toxins from vaccinations and experienced diseases result in a disturbance, great or small, of the central regulation.

These central disturbances will of course increase with increasing burdens. The disharmonic function of the individual parts of the brain results in corresponding diseases and behavioural changes. This is one of the reasons for increasingly observed behavioural disturbances or even crimes in children.

According to the latest research it seems as if schizophrenia is not a standard clinical picture but abnormal co-operation of the individual parts of the brain.

This would mean that a way should be found to restore the harmony of the individual brain functions.

Often impairment of the central regulation results in impairment of the metabolism and to an apparent deficiency in essential amino acids.

My experience is that treatment of the central regulation and of the liver is more useful than supplying essential amino acids.

Amino acids should only be supplied in very small dosages, because the liver cannot deal with them. The patient does not have an amino acid deficiency because he starves, but because his enzyme system is exhausted or derailed.

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