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45th international Bicom bioresonance congress papers from Bicom Fulda, Germany Regumed Institut fiir Regulative Medizin, 82166 Grafelfing. The company now has representatives in 23 countries and our international congress plays a major part in further developing our knowledge and consolidating Bicom bioresonance therapy.

Incurable illnesses—extraordinary cases treated successfully

Sigrid Henrichmann, Naturopath, Mtinster Ladies and Gentlemen, Colleagues, I would like to present to you a few cases which from a medical point of view are seen as (in)curable disorders. Case study 1 One of my patients called me and asked whether I could help out a good friend of theirs who had some or […]

Treatment of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis with Bicom bioresonance

Liliane Asbach-Gawenda, Naturopath, Köln Dear colleagues, This year I can look back on 25 years’ professional experience in my own practice, the last 20 concentrating on bioresonance therapy, both for diagnosis and therapy. When I began working I was young and most patients who came to my practice were old. Now it is exactly the […]

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2003 — what are the implications of these new discoveries for Bicom bioresonance therapy

Dipl. Ing. Dr. techn. Horst Felsch, Chemist, Fieberbrunn, Austria INTRODUCTION Two American researchers received the Nobel Prize for chemistry in October 2003: Peter Agre of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore for discovering water channels in the cell wall and Roderick MacKinnon of Rockefeller Uni-versity in New York for structural and mechanistic studies of potassium ion […]

Successful BICOM treatment of central nervous system disorders in children

Dr. rer. nat. Andrew Barrie, and Mrs Anna Barrie, Non -medical practitioners, Energy Waves Clinic, Adelaide, Australia INTRODUCTION The purpose of this paper is to share the experiences and successes of our clinic in Adelaide where we have been practising bioresonance therapy since 1998 after training in England. We currently have three BicOms and four therapists […]