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Congress papers from REGUMED Institut fiir Regulative Medizin, 82166 Grafelfing

The family of herpes viruses – a therapeutic challenge

Dr Sabine Rauch, MD, Specialist in General Medicine and Olle Svensson, Simlångsdalen, Sweden 8 human-pathogenic herpes viruses belonging to the Herpesviridae family are so far known: Virus – Primary infection – Reactivation Herpes simplex virus 1 (HHV 1) – Gingivostomatitis herpetica – Herpes labialis Herpes simplex virus 2 (HHV 2) – Herpes genitalis – Herpes […]

New possibilities for the treatment of eye diseases

Dr. Ljudmila Vukosavljević, MD, Belgrade, Serbia I am glad to share some of my experiences and delight with BICOM devices. From day to day, working on this device, made me understand how great its capabilities are and how interesting and creative it is for working with patients. I would like to present to you two […]

Permeability – A new way of dealing with environmental pollution?

Jürgen Hennecke, MD Specialist in General Medicine and Simone Maquinay, BICOM Therapist, Aachen, Germany Increasing environmental pollution in recent decades and the subsequent rise in chronic diseases both pose a great challenge for conventional medicine, naturopathy and bioresonance therapy. Therapy programs and test ampoules are constantly being developed to counter exposure. However, there isn’t always […]

Use of the “Degenerated cells” CTT test sets according to Riffel’s system of practice

Marcel Riffel, Naturopath, Ostfildern, Germany   Dear colleagues, Firstly, I would like to point out that this year’s presentation at the 60th International BICOM Congress does not prevent me from attending the seminars “Degenerated cell diagnosis and therapy” by Dr. Wolfgang Rohrer and ”The holistic therapy of tumours and autoimmune diseases” by Dr. Sabine Rauch. […]

Early Childhood Developmental Disorders and Delayed Speech Development

Dr. Rolf Oesterle, MD, Specialist in Internal Medicine, Munich, Germany. My experience with bioresonance therapy (BRT) I am particularly pleased that, on the occasion of the 60th BICOM Congress, I can and will once again talk to you about my experience with BICOM therapy. This is especially as I have been active with this extraordinary […]

Stem cell diagnostics using the BICOM® BodyCheck and possible applications in bioresonance therapy

Norbert Lindner, Naturopath Dear Colleagues, I am delighted to talk to you today about a special topic, namely diagnostics using stem cells and its related application in bioresonance therapy. Let’s take a look first of all at the development of the stem cell and its significance in medicine today. In human embryo development the morula […]

Hormone replacement therapy during the menopause and with stress management

Dr. Michael Wagner, Specialist in General Medicine Scientific knowledge gained from endocrinology and the rapid growth of knowledge in the field of neuroscience have opened up a range of treatment options that are very much aimed at positively influencing and/or healing diseases or symptoms that impact on quality of life. The following comments can only […]

A new concept: prevention using BICOM-Therapy® and lifestyle changes

Dr. med. Sabine Rauch, Specialist in General Medicine, 011e Svensson, Therapist, Simlangsdalen, Sweden Nowadays the focus in both mainstream medicine and naturopathy is very much on treating disease. Health education and preventive healthcare tend to play a secondary role. People who come to our practices are usually ill and need help in finding a way […]