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Decades of suffering from ice-cold feet

Successful treatment convinces sceptical scientist of its efficacy When I decided to start using BICOM® bioresonance therapy in my practice, my father was really annoyed and reproached me for it. A retired maths and physics teacher, he simply couldn’t accept that his daughter could spend money on “vibrational medicine.” He thought it was a lot […]

Improved liver values

Finally after 13 years: A 52-year-old female patient was suffering from chronic fatigue and recurring headaches. Her fatigue was so pronounced that it often required a huge effort on her part to look after the household and her family. Her professional life also suffered hugely as a result. She had received help from her family […]

Crohn’s disease

After 8 years of suffering, help received through BICOM bioresonance A young gynaecologist who works in the hospital came to my practice, because she had been suffering from Crohn’s disease for the past eight years. She had severe recurrent bouts of diarrhoea containing mucous and blood and violent pain in her intestines. The diagnosis of […]


Italian patient: able to enjoy eating spaghetti again after 30 years… Since March 2004 we have been using bioresonance therapy in our practice. It is very rewarding because we can see the way in which it can help more and more of our patients. This was true of an Italian patient, who had been suffering […]

Migraines with acute nausea and vomiting

Cow’s milk as the main trigger? There can be a number of causes of migraines. Problems in the cervical spine region, hormonal disturbances and food allergies are just some of the triggers for migraine attacks. During my years of experience as a BICOM® therapist I have discovered that, particularly in the case of migraines which […]

Mononucleosis and its consequences

After two years of suffering, finally a return to good quality of life On 15.5.2002 a 19-year-old female patient came to my practice for the first time. She told me that she was suffering from acute mononucleosis. This was only detected at a late stage and therefore brought a number of considerable health implications, which […]

For 10 years his hands were covered in coarse warts

23-year-old patient In addition to allergy therapy we also use the BICOM® device for a number of other indications. One example is a 23-year-old man came to our practice. For ten years both his hands had been covered in coarse warts. He suffered greatly as a result and felt embarrassed, but no dermatologist had yet […]

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