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Causes  Men and women can both have hormonal problems which may compromise their ability to conceive. Certain types of chemicals, medication and illicit drugs can also have a negative impact. The woman may have a physiological obstruction or another problem that is preventing pregnancy. Various health conditions, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis […]

Hypo and Hyperglycaemia

Causes  Eating sugary foods, junk food and caffeinated drinks causes the release of adrenalin which tricks the body into thinking that it needs to release glucose into the blood stream, causing blood sugar levels to rise rapidly and unnecessarily. This leads to excessive insulin production by the pancreas, causing a rapid decrease in blood sugar […]

Hormonal Dysfunctions

Causes  Infection, genetics, old-age and tumours are some of the factors that can compromise the function of the endocrine glands. Illnesses, and the methods used to treat them such as drugs and radiation, can lead to hormonal deficiencies. The production of hormones can also be negatively affected by a lack or excess of exercise, poor […]


Causes  Herpes is caused by a viral infection and can be transmitted by touch and when saliva, secretions or blister fluid are transferred between people. Generally, the virus is passed on through sexual contact with an infected person, though it can be passed on through infected surfaces. It usually lies dormant for a while and […]


Causes  Hepatitis is caused by a viral or parasitic infection, autoimmune condition or liver damage in the case of alcohol abuse. Hepatitis A is caused by consuming contaminated food due to poor hygiene. Type B involves infection via blood or other bodily fluids that enter through transfusion, injection or intercourse; it can also pass from […]

Heart Disease

Causes  Oxidative stress can occur when insufficient antioxidants are available to counteract the free radicals introduced into the body by smoke and pollution. This damages artery walls and so do sugary, processed diets. Vitamin C deficiency can prevent the blood vessel walls from being effectively protected due to a lack of collagen and elastin production, […]

Headaches and Migraines

Causes  A major cause of headaches and migraines is chronic dehydration. This can be as a result of inadequate water intake, alcohol consumption, and high environmental temperature. Other possible triggers include allergies to pollen and dust or eating foods that contain chemicals or that you are sensitive to. Alternatively, there may be a deficiency of […]


Glaucoma has 3 types: open angle (chronic), closed-angle (acute) and secondary.  Causes  Glaucoma is caused by increased pressure in the eyeball as a result of a build-up of fluid, due to insufficient drainage. In open-angle glaucoma, this build-up occurs gradually over time, while in closed-angle glaucoma, a sudden blockage occurs. Secondary glaucoma can be caused […]

Fungal Infection

Causes  Fungal spores can be inhaled, ingested from contaminated foods or enter the body through damaged skin. Some infections are caused by types of fungi that are already naturally found in the human body but can overgrow in certain conditions. Fungal nail infections can be brought on by a lack of air and sunlight getting […]

Face Lifting

Causes  Wrinkles naturally develop with age, due to the skin losing its elasticity, oils and subcutaneous fat. Sometimes skin-ageing can be an indication of an underlying health problem. Sun exposure is another major factor as UV light can break down dermal collagen and elastin. Smoking or being exposed to lots of pollution can speed up […]