Chronic Fatigue


This condition is closely linked to the immune system. It has been blamed on various viruses such as Epstein-Barr Virus (EPV), Cytomegalovirus, Brucella and Human Herpes Virus 6. Wheat can be a significant contributor and poor diets high in sugar will cause insulin to peak and disrupt bowel flora. There may be a deficiency of vitamin D or iodine. Dehydration is a problem, though drinking lots of fizzy drinks or coffee is also dangerous. Other factors such as stress, shock or emotional problems can also be to blame.


As the name suggests, debilitating fatigue is a key symptom of chronic fatigue, combined with trouble sleeping. Sufferers of this condition can have flu-like symptoms such as a sore throat and muscular pain. They will often have allergies and be sensitive to certain chemicals. Other signs include stiffness, joint pain, inflammation of the lymph nodes, blurred vision and fibromyalgia. Some people will have depression or emotional problems.

BICOM® Programs to be Used 

Chronic Fatigue  Min  N°/Seq.  Pag   
Allergy dental material  998.6  10  
Food intolerance  10  977.1  33 
Pathogens, strain due   16 
PS 10024 
Strain due pathogens  10  978.1  77 
Viral infection, acute  39  PS 10177  84 
Thymus, activating  10  428.2  79 

Supplements to take 

Iodine, vitamin D3, probiotic supplements, vitamin C, magnesium 

Other therapies 

Changing the diet to one filled with plenty of vegetables and healthy sources of fat such as coconut oil, while trying to cut out wheat, will help to boost the immune system drastically. It is important to avoid unhealthy practices such as smoking, taking drugs and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Regular exercise that meets individual physical capabilities should be combined with a suitable amount of sleep and rest. Trying to keep a positive attitude is beneficial so some patients find that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is useful for them. Pain killers and antidepressants such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) are sometimes prescribed to help relieve symptoms.

Experiences and case studies 

A male former football player had been suffering from joint and muscle pain and fatigue, which had developed over a long time. After just four sessions of bioresonance treatment for viruses, milk and wheat, he said he felt “absolutely fantastic” and no longer had pain.