Epilepsy in childhood

Dr. Sinon Akkurt, lzmir, Turkey

Dear colleagues,
Dear bioresonance friends,

My BICOM® bioresonance adventure which started about 5 years ago is very interesting and continues to surprise me every day. Within this period a smoking representative told me how he had stopped smoking with the help of BICOM® bioresonance. Beginning with the smoking treatment, I eventually started applying the treatment in many different diseases. I have experienced countless times that the BICOM® bioresonance method knows no bounds in medicine and can be used in all areas for all kinds of diseases, with mind at peace. Now, when a patient comes for any disease, I can easily accept him, because I am sure that I can help him with BICOM® bioresonance

In lzmir, in the west of Turkey, I have  my own clinic. Before I was working both in governmental institutions and in my private clinic, but now, with the BICOM®, I have been working in my private clinic for 2 years. My working field is often the chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer. Maybe some friends remember that last year I made a presentation on progressed cancer diseases. I have shared my experiences with 22 patients having progressed end­ stage cancer, including my mother and my sister. I want to express for those wondering about: Performance status of my mother and my sister is very good. Both are in 100% remission. My sister was 32 weeks pregnant when she got cancer. This year, she gave birth to her 2nd child. I became an uncle again. Thank you BICOM®. Thank you Regumed.

This year I came here to share my experiences related to epilepsy patients. I would like to share what we learned in the treatment process of 12 epilepsy patients and what we did during treatment. But first, let’s briefly refresh our knowledge about epilepsy.

International Classification of Epilepsy

These classifications are complex. However, they include all seizure types, respectively. They are updated according to new information by The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE). Classifications of 1981 and 1989 are two complementary classifications. These classifications are still currently used. Classification of 2001 is proposed newly but not yet adopted.

Clinical and electroencephalographic classification of epileptic seizures (ILAE 1981)

I. Partial (focal) seizures

A. Simple partial seizures (without loss of consciousness)

B. Complex partial seizures (outgoing with impaired consciousness)

C. Partial seizures turning into secondarily generalized seizures

II. Generalized seizures (convulsive or non­


III. Unclassified epileptic seizures

Dear colleagues,after talking about the classification the types of epilepsy seizures briefly,now I would like to share the main points of my study with you.

Main points of my study

In order to sample, for approximately one and a half years,I have treated a total of 12 cases with BICOM® systemic therapy in my clinic. Eight of the patients were female 52nd International Congress for BICOM® Therapists, 28 to 30 April in Fulda, Germany and four were male. Age of the patients was between 9 to 40.
Eight of the epilepsy patients treated in this study belonged to Group I and four of them belonged to Group II.
Firstly, a blood sample is taken from the individuals attending to clinic and patients story is gotten. Before starting the therapy, blood samples are tested with basic test and CTT panels. Results are shared with the patient and the treatment plan is prepared.

Bioresonance therapy systematicBioresonance therapy systematic

Bioresonance systematic in my clinic includes the phases below.

Blockages are the first to be taken into account. Neglect of this phase often results in decrease of success. Below are the blockages detected in 12 patients and the therapy programs applied:

1. Elimination of therapy blockages
 Elimination of therapy blockages 1
          Elimination of therapy blockages 2

 Elimination of therapy blockages 3 Elimination of therapy blockages 4

 Elimination of therapy blockages 6 Elimination of therapy blockages 5

Additional therapies:

In addition, epilepsy, stress, hormone programs (529, 940, 923, 580, 583, 934, 916,980, 981, 431).1 individually tested. Bach flower remedies to combat emotional stress. Ampoules from the CTT 5 element test set were also used in BICOM BICOM optima® channel 2 to support the organ systems.

Three patients were on medication with one antiepileptic drug. Four were with two antiepileptic drugs, three were with three antiepileptic drugs and two were with four antiepileptic drugs.

I applied an average of 35 therapies to my patients. After the end of the main therapies, I called my patients in for control in monthly intervals. I treated the Candida re-infection identified in these controls with the programs 191, 197, 971, 972, and the patients with geopathy and electrosmog with the programs 700, 701, 702, 195.
Generally routine programs were followed up during monthly therapies of patients. The programs applied were, 529, 940, 923 for epilepsy, 934, 916, 980, 981 for hormonal support, 960, 502, 900 for mental fatigue and 428, 950, 951 for stabilization and the immune system.

EEG controls were made to my patients followed up by neurology and while EEG was positive in eight patients before treatment, now EEG is positive in only two patients.

The number of patients who are on medication with antiepileptic drug decreased in five people after treatment and the type and dose of medication of these five people is reduced.

Currently, I have patients who are being followed up. After one year the follow-up the controls will be ceased.

According to the table above, 60% of the patients treated, ceased from taking the drugs. EEG controls showed 83% of a normal EEG table.

Results at the end of the therapiesResults at the end of the therapies


Finally, I want to explain my two interesting epilepsy patients in more detail.

Case 1 SG·Mil SG, 23 years old, female
The disease began when she was 20 years old. A former cancer patient recommended her our clinic. When she came, she was having epilepsy for two years. She works as a civil servant in the hospital. She is a patient who has approximately 41 0 epilepsy attacks daily. She was on medication with two antiepileptics (Valproic acid and Topiramate).

Result of the BICOM® blood test:
Candida, eggs, formaldehyde, lead, cobalt, teflon, measles load were found. After the result of the blood test, treatment of 38 sessions began. Firstly, we began the treatment for blockages. Epileptic attacks stopped even when treating blockages. Then vaccines allergy, heavy metals, allergens were treated respectively. After all these loadings  have been treated, we moved on to the specific program for epilepsy. Thinking that hormonal periods may also trigger an epilepsy attack while treating epilepsy with specific programs, we also supported the patient with hormonal programs. The programs used for blockages and treatment are as follows:

915, 581,5 35, 538, 700, 7011 702, 530,211

Therapy programs:
Allergy: 963, 944, 998
Vaccine allergy: 999
Heavy metal: 979, 191, 192
Detox: 970,  430, 431, 481, 482, 560, 561

Epilepsy and other specific programs: 529, 940,923,580,583,934,916,980,981, 431
As a result of treatment of 38 sessions, the patient threw the attacks off. Now her EEG is negative. The patient does not use any drugs. She was a socially calm person before treatment, now she is socialized and a beloved woman. When we last met, she told us that is attending a swimming course. As far as I know, she is in wedding preparation at the moment.

Case 2 OO, 14 years old, male

A former patient whose lactose intolerance we had treated recommended him our clinic. He got epilepsy when he was one year old. He has 4 to 24 attacks daily. His complaints were rising especially in the summer and hot weather. The patient had brain surgery for epilepsy twice in 2005. Vaccines are full. EEG Positive.

He was taking, Carbamazepine CR 400 2×1, Levetiracetam 500 2×2, Zonisamide 2x1 . The family does not have the feature. Result of the patient’s blood test:
Candida, aspergillus, CNS, parasites, cow’s milk, measles vaccine, MMR vaccine, lead, mercury, viral loading, bacterial loading.

After the test we started treating the blockages.

700,701,702,915,581,538,530,535, 915,940,962,970

Treatment programs are: Allergy: 963, 944, 998
Vaccine: 999
Heavy metal: 979, 191, 192
Candida: 971, 972, 197, 198
Detox: 970, 430, 431, 481, 482, 560, 561,200,201

Epilepsy and other specific programs: 529, 940,923,580,583,934,916,431,507, 502,960,900

There were no problems during the 52- week treatment. Beginning from the first session, attacks reduced and towards the end of the treatment the medications he used were also reduced. Currently, the patient is using only Carbamazepine. However, if he plays with his PlayStation for more than one hour, he has a mild attack, but no attacks apart from that. This shows us the role of electrosmog in epilepsy again.
Follow-up of the patient continues once a month. His EEG is negative at the moment.
As there is a risk of seizures, in general therapist hold back from the therapies of epilepsy patients. However, I can say to encourage you that none of our patients suffered any deterioration or seizures, neither in the clinic nor at home.

Thank you very much for listening to me.