HIV: Making life easier- prolonging life

Dagmar Siebert, Naturopath, Offenburg, Germany

Dear Congress delegates!

For the past twelve years I have been working with BICOM® therapy in Offenburg alongside my husband who is a general practitioner.

He has been looking after HIV outpatients in the South Baden area for more than ten years. In recent years there has been an opportunity for me therefore to help look after HIV patients too, i.e. to ease or cure the secondary disorders of these patients using bioresonance therapy. And it is this work that I would like to talk to you about.

In Germany, naturopaths are not permitted to treat sexually transmitted diseases by law
– in our case it is the doctor treating the HIV. I can treat the side-effects of the drug medication, for example, and thus help to improve the patient’s quality of life.

My first HIV patient was sent to me by a dentist. He was experiencing such inflammatory pain in his gums that he was unable to use his dentures and therefore was unable to eat properly. He was also so weak that he could only lie in bed and had to be looked after.

Within 3 therapy sessions he was able to eat again and after a few weeks could get out of bed and walk again.

In the case of another patient, who was suffering from the side-effects of antiviral drugs and was weakened by chronic diarrhoea, I identified a wheat allergy. He also had difficulty tolerating some of his medication, so this was eliminated. The electrosmog stress in the area where he slept weakened him further. It was possible
to help this patient too with targeted measures.

As therapists you will be thinking “I can do that too- this is how I treat chronic patients”, and I would like to encourage you to do precisely that- treat an HIV patient as you would any other patient.

For the purposes of this paper I have analysed our group of patients.

Symptoms of HIV patients

– Respiratory problems: Asthma/hay fever (20%)
– Chronic stomach/intestinal disorders, such as flatulence, diarrhoea (70%) with weight problems (too thin) = wasting syndrome
– Food allergies: lactose, gluten, wheat (40%)
– Skin problems: abscesses, itching, warts, dryness (60%}
– Joint complaints, spinal blocks (60%)
– Heavy metal stress (mercury) (70%)
– Chern. tox. stress, incl. hexachlorbenzene (80%)
– Parasitic infestation (60%), Viral infection (100%), Bacterial tox. infection (40%)
– Chron. fatigue/exhaustion, cold hands and feet (60%)
– Sleep disturbance (80%)

The patients in our practice are all on medication,i.e. they are taking anti­ retroviral drugs and therefore have a minor, non-traceable viral infection. They are regularly looked after by my husband at the general practice. I treat patients on average every 3-4 weeks and usually for a period of 3- 6 months.


My treatment for HIV patients is based on five pillars:

1. Build-up therapy with patient’s own secretions
2. Intestinal clean-up: Intestinal programs, electroacupuncture, symbiosis control, dietary advice
3. Unblocking the musculoskeletal system: Unblocking spine
4. Detoxification of liver/kidneys: Elimination of medication side-effects, toxin elimination
5. Clean-up of sleeping area: Geobiological examination

1. Build-up therapy with patient’s own secretions

After the basic therapy is complete based on the conductance reading the patient receives individual therapy. I select all individual parameters with the tensor so treatment can be tailored to the patient’s individual needs as far as possible.

Input cup: saliva, 1 drop of blood, nasal secretion
Output cup: BRT chip, BRT minerals

BICOM® 2000:
CL (clear), lndividual=2,
Output test key (yellow) switched on,
Select type of therapy
(H, Di, H+Di, A, Ai or A+Ai),
Set frequency with dial between 10 Hz and
150 kHz- Enter (E),
Wobble frequency: yes/no (E),
Set amplification (E), Select constant/sweep (E), Interval/period (E),
Select therapy time (E),
Input cup-OK? Press Start button.

BICOM® BICOM optima®:
Individual parameter=5,
Select therapy type,
Output test (blue) on,
Normal range=1 or
Low deep frequency range=Select 2,
change using (E),
Select bandpass1 -4,
Select with cursor,
Combined with tensor (E),
Wobble yes/no (E),
Set amplification variants with up/down
arrow (E),
Set amplification (E),
Interval yes/no (E),
Therapy time, Test applicator positioning,
Input cup OK? Start.
In channel 2 I switch to the stored goodies,
which I test.

I then use the manual to look up the significance of this frequency and find the most significant stagnation for the patient at this point.

2. Intestinal clean-up

The lungs and large intestine meridian make the perfect energetic combination. Respiratory tract problems are often linked to intestinal/digestive problems and our immune system is also reliant on healthy intestinal flora. So after the energy build-up in the basic therapy the first thing I deal with is intestinal build-up. Patients have often had at least one stay in hospital from the effects of antibiosis and disturbed
intestinal flora. For this I use one of the following serial programs or programs as required:

Input cup: stool, saliva
Output: applicator across stomach, mat on back

BICOM® BICOM optima®:
serial program numbers 10036, 10037,
10038, 10039, 10040
BICOM® 2000:
numbers 561, 562, 560, 445, 930, 830,

Using a test set I have developed myself I test the intestinal symbiosis medication suitable for the individual using 191/192. The dose is determined by means of kinesiology.

The patient is subsequently given dietary advice. Fresh food brought in by the patient and ampoules from the Schumacher test set ore also tested. The patient is given information on the foods they ore able to tolerate and those that ore harmful to them. Several hot meals a day ore recommended (such as meat stews, stewed fruit).
The following acupuncture points con be used to support the digestive system:

Input cup:
one drop of blood and saliva
Output: button applicator or depth probe
Output cup: BRT drops

Treatment plan for stomach/intestinal problems and lowered resistance Treatment plan for stomach/intestinal problems and lowered resistance

3. Unblocking the musculoskeletal system
In Traditional Chinese Medicine a meridian is assigned to each vertebra.

Energetic blocks in the spinal column can therefore be used for diagnostic purposes, because they indicate energetic stagnation in an organ system. Using the tensor or simply by touching the individual vertebrae it is possible to ascertain which segment is
blocked. The following treatment strategy is

Input cup: blood and stool
Output cup: chip, BRT oil

1: patient sits on plate applicator with flexible applicator placed on blocked area.

0: modulation mat on the back,
1 hand on plate applicator,
foot placed diagonally on an applicator

BICOM® BICOM optima®:
serial program numbers 10184 and 10183
BICOM® 2000:
numbers 915 and 581
I have had excellent results especially with the low deep frequencies. With the BICOM® 2000 there are two spine programs.

Shock treatment (serial program no.
10147) for spinal column blocks is also a proven treatment program.

With the meridian programs in the BICOM® BICOM optima® it is also possible to treat individual vertebrae and associated organs

4. Detoxification of the liver and kidneys

First of all I ask each patient to bring their medication with them and test with the BICOM® device (program 191) for their level of tolerance. Anything that the patient is not able to tolerate is then eliminated.

For each patient I test individually which of the incorporated harmful substances (heavy metals, chemical toxins) are causing most stress and eliminate these with the corresponding ampoules and programs
191/197 or with serial program no. 10165 (toxin elimination, BICOM® BICOM optima®).

“Goodies” such as Bach’s flower remedies, tissue salts, lady’s thistle, artichoke or Hepatodoron are administered in channel 2.

Oral administration of phytotherapeutic agents supports the detoxification process:
Chlorella/.§.pirulina TCM herbal teas:
– Chai hu iia long gu nu tang:
for liver Qi stagnation, mental and physical fatigue, stagnation and blood stasis
Gui pi tang 6 noblemen decoction: strengthens lungs and spleen/centre, for soft stools, fatigue
Liu wei di huang wan:
for YIN deficiencies, empty heat, nourishes liver YIN and kidneys
Xiao yao san: eases the liver, nourishes the blood in the liver, strengthens the spleen

5. Geobiological advice, clean-up and elimination

Particularly in the case of patients with a weakened immune system, the radiation fields (radio waves, e-smog, geomagnetic fields) which are harmful to their health have an effect. In the practice I therefore keep a set of pocketsafes and select one for my patients so that a frequency-adjusted neutralisation can be carried out. As a geobiologist I also look at the place where the patient sleeps. It is astonishing how the patient’s energy field changes as a result and the patient is able to regain their strength. I can only strongly recommend that the geopathic stress of a chronically ill patient be suppressed by a professional geobiologist and the stress then eliminated from the body with the bioresonance device back in the practice.

Analysis of changes in blood count after/during BICOM® therapy
Reduction in viral stress (following onset of the condition):
in 85% of patients by ca. 30%

Increase in T4 heIper cells:
in 85% of cases by ca. 30%-40%

Change in wellbeing

In all treated patients there was

– an improvement in their digestion and they were able to put on weight again
– improvement in sleep disturbance after
the area where they sleep was cleaned up
– improvement in their emotional state,
increase in vitality
– improvement in skin problems (with intestinal clean-up)
– Improvement in/removal of spinal block problems

I hope that by sharing my positive experiences I can encourage you to help these patients yourself. Thank you for listening!

Human Immunodeficiency Virus is transferred through the bodily fluids blood, sperm, vaginal secretions, cerebrospinal fluid and mother’s milk. It generally occurs as a result of unprotected sex, but blood transfusions also carry the risk of an HIV infection, although since 1985 this has been rare because of the routine monitoring of blood donors in Germany and the way in which donor blood is prepared. With appropriate medical treatment the risk of an HIV positive mother infecting her baby has fallen to around 10%. Every year around 2700 people become infected with HIV.

2-4 weeks after an infection, flu-like symptoms occur, such as fever, night sweats and swollen lymph nodes as well as nausea and weight loss. A common HIV test identifies evidence of antibodies following an infection (25 days). After an acute phase there is often a latency period of several years, when anti-retroviral medication is used which increases the life expectancy of infected patients.


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