New therapy methods for seldom encountered blockages and energy deficiency

Dr Jurgen Hennecke, medical practitioner, Aachen


In May 1999 unusual events in our daily practice startled us. After the birch pollen flight was over, the violence of hay fever symptoms did not at all decrease as in previous years. On the contrary, unusually many patients came to the practice with severe allergy symptoms. Patients who had been without symptoms for years or who had developed an allergy for the first time at this time of year, came too. This was an unusual reaction to flowering grasses.

Added to this, the usual BICOM® allergy treatments did not result in fast improvement of symptoms. If patients still have complaints although the freshly collected pollen and those present in the test set show no reactions, we usually treat them with strips of sticky tape which have been left outside for a few days to collect information from pollen, fungi, environmental toxins, pesticides, ozone, etc. Even this usually very effective treatment step did not have a fast effect. Most patients confirmed that their symptoms did not improve in rainy weather.

Furthermore we observed an abnormally increased number of flulike infections especially with throat infections, burning eyes and irritating coughs.

There was something in the air! But what?

Something that weakens the human immune system, that causes mucous membrane irritations even in rainy weather. It cannot be caught on sticky tape, but perhaps in rainwater? We immediately took a sample of rainwater from the waterbutt and tested the therapy resistant patients: Everyone reacted with weakness to the rainwater in the kinesiological test. After intensive research and numerous tests we found a test ampoule which fitted inall cases: Aqua R100, and this gave us our diagnosis: Radioactivity.


We postulate the following working hypothesis: Increased radioactive contamination of the air makes pollen more aggressive and/or people more susceptible to germs and allergens.


  • Rainwater tests as a burden (Ai).
  • The ampoules „Aqua R100“, „Radioactivity“, and Radium bromatum D200 test as medication (A).


Preparatory programme:

Input cup: „Aqua R100″, „Radioactivity”, and Radium bromatum D200

Output: Ball applicator hands and magnetic probe thymus

Programme 192 (A, 64), 7minutes

Radium bromatum D200 is a homeopathic antidote to the results of radioactive contamination and can be prescribed sublingually in the form of globules. While pollen as „natural antigens” are usually treated well with the setting Di or H+Di and the frequency 52 kHz, in the case of very toxic or radioactive loads the setting Ai and „all frequencies” should be chosen.

Allergy therapy

Input cup: all tested grass and grain pollen, sticky tape and a sample of rainwater, e. g. „Aqua pluvia Mai 1999″ Output: Ball applicators and eye applicator


I. Ai 0.025, all frequencies, 3 minutes

2. Ai, stepwise increaseing every 60-90 s, 0.025 to 64, all frequencies

3. Ai 64, all frequencies (programme 998), 3 minutes and/or Ai amplification sweep, all frequencies, at least 20 minutes


The above details prove the importance of suitable preparatory and accompanying programmes for effective allergy treatment. In allergic patients we often test blockages through geopathy, electrosmog, radioactivity, interference fields caused by scars, as well as energy deficiency in the region of the pituitary gland, pancreas, adrenal glands, and at the reflex points in the region of the upper and lower neck vertebrae. The aim of the preparatory and accompanying treatments is to clear energetic blockages and to balance energy deficiencies. The following computerised programmes proved to be successful in our practice

The following tested programme proved effective as supporting treatment, especially in cases of pollinosis:

Input cup: drop of blood

Input: kidney region, region of the lumbar vertebrae (energy deficiency of the adrenal glands)

Output: magnetic applicator on the lower abdomen (1st chakra)

Programme: H+Di, 10 Hz, H 1.5, Di 0.5, 8 min

Higher efficiency in reduced treatment time (about 30 %) is possible through combined application with BICOM® 2000 (see below).


During the past 2-3 years we observed that the time and trouble taken to eliminate most allergens increased considerably. Where a single treatment or a series of three treatment with programmes 999, 998 or 997 used to be enough 7-8 years ago, several sessions with stepwise increasing amplification (60— 90 s per amplification level) or with amplification sweep (for about 20 minutes!) are the rule now. It is often useful to combine both versions in one session or in successive sessions. More and more often it is necessary to balance the therapy time individually. In the case of persistent allergens, individually tested meridianbased allergy therapy is often successful. For particulars on the different allergy programmes we refer you to the allergy seminar. Testing the analogue potentising of the allergen and taking the conespondingly prepared drops proved to be successful.


  • Select the potenising programme (no. 7)
  • Input: allergen, Output: ball applicator
  • Test the treatment parameters (usually Ai)
  • Test the „suitable” Dpotency
  • Treat the patient with this (about 8 minutes) and prepare the drops simultaneously

Do not forget the simultaneous application of analogue potentising of blood, urine, possibly also of the stool, saliva, sputum and nasal secretions. In most allergic patients we find chronic hidden food allergies (cows’ milk, wheat) as a basic burden in addition to „superficial” allergens which cause symptoms. However, nowadays there are many cases of new pollen or animal hair allergies without chronic food allergies.

  • White wheat flour often tests as an allergen, while wholewheat flour is tolerated.
  • Test drinking water in all patients with skin symptoms.
  • Test and treat lactic acid and adrenalin in cases of allergic bronchitis with asthma as a result of exercise.

5 BICOM® 2000

Allergic patients are people who simultaneously die of thirst and drown on an energetic level. Organ systems which react with acute allergic symp toms are in an acuteinflammatory yang state, while other systems simultaneously function in a chronicdegenerative yin state. The body steps on the break with one leg and on the accelerator with the other!

On a therapeutic level this means that we should damp down the acute allergic reaction of the patient and build up (stimulate) his general condition, and this at the same time. This effect is reached in part by a suitable selection from the preparatory programmes listed above. Using the input cup (e. g. chakra therapy) or a separate treatment instrument (Muuricom), we often apply the positive oscillations of colours and precious stones which are missing from the body to intensify the stimulating effect.

Since the beginning of the new millennium these therapy effects are reached much easier and more elegantly by the additional application of BICOM® magnetic frequency patterns (BMF) and dynamic multiimpulse bundles (DMI).

We had the opportunity to test a prototype of BICOM® 2000 in more than 300 treatment sessions. The magnetic field modulation mat was usually positioned in the region of the spinal column allocation points to all acupuncture meridians), and less often on other body parts (stomach, chest, extremities, depending on the indications). We first tested whether the additional application of this applicator was necessary to or advantageous for the patient. The answer about BMF and DMI was almost always „yes“. Then treatment parameters were tested. In our patients we treated

  • about 85 % with buildingup DMI
  • about 10 % with dampingdown DMI
  • about 5 `)/0 with BMF only
  • in about 10 `)/0 of the cases different parameters were necessary one after the other during the same session.
  • Necessary amplification: 7-10
  • Treatment time: depending on the running BICOM® programme, 10-30 minutes

Since our practice mostly treats chronically ill patients, also many chronic allergic patients, and patients with burnout and a marked energy deficiency, the frequent use of the buildingup DMI setting is understandable. In the case of acute illnesses the dampingdown DMI setting is often used, but this is not always the case. Sometimes a buildingup and thereafter a dampingdown treatment (or vice versa) was necessary after the accompanying BICOM® programme.


ON BIcom 2000

An intensification of the therapy could be observed in the BICom preparatory programmes with a simultaneous reduction of up to 30 % in the therapy time. However, this was not always the case. The allergy therapy programmes could not be reduced. The electromagnetic component seems to be more important than the magnetic component in the case of allergy therapy. The real advantage of the BMF and DMI therapy is an additional effect which BicOm therapy cannot provide, namely energy supply.

Sensitive therapists are able to feel the extension of the patient’s energy field. Less sensitive patients and those who did not complain of acute subjective symptoms at the beginning of treatment usually felt no immediate reactions. Many other patients felt „ more relaxed, calmer, more energetic, more vital” immediately after the treatment. Some spoke of an energetic „high” which lasted up to a week. Some patients reported a „ tingling feeling of pressure or of warmth in the region of the spinal column or at the back of the head”. Sometimes they felt old foci or blockages again. In a few cases the patients reported „ tiredness, circulatory disturbances, dizziness, palpitations, pressure in the head, burping, sweating”. Since these symptoms lasted only a short time, they should be understood as initial worsening only.

A few case studies from our practice

Case 1

Patient, aged 30, acute pollinosis (hazel, alder).

  • Preparatory programme „allergy” (see above) with building up DMI
  • Ai, all frequencies, increasing amplification up to 64, with BMF

Thereafter improvement in general health, permanently without symptoms.

Case 2

Female patient, aged 68, with bronchitis with acute infection accompanied by fever.

  • Ai, A, 33 kHz, amplification sweep, with damping down DMI
  • H+Di, 33 kHz, amplification sweep, with building up DMI

Alleviation of the cough and the breathing difficulties directly after treatment, no complaints after a few days.

Case 3

Female patient, aged 50, with chronic intestinal problems and in a state of exhaustion. Condition after partial sigmoidectomy because of diverticulitis, intestinal mycoses, troubling scar on the lower abdomen.

  • programme 130
  • repair of troubling scars 910
  • hormone programme 980/981
  • intestinal programme 560
  • during the entire course of treatment always building up DMI

Already after the first therapy session clear improvement of the exhaustion, „ increased energy” levels lasting more than a week. No symptoms after 4 weeks and her energy is „ boundless “.

Case 4

Female patient, aged 43, with headaches, dizziness and swelling of the right lymph node in the throat.

Programme 581 energetic blockage of the spinal column (cervical vertebrae) with building up DMI

  • Programme 930 lymph activation with dampingdown DMI

A short attack of dizziness during the treatment, thereafter almost no symptoms.

Case 5

Female patient, aged 35, with colitis ulcerosa. After several weeks of treating the therapy blockages, the intestinal mycoses and the food allergies, there was only slight improvement.

  • Programme 910 stomach scar
  • Programme 460 stimulation of intestinal flora
  • both with buildingup DMI
  • Single treatment Ai 24, 10 Hz with BMF only Clear improvement in frequency of bowel movements and consistency of stools.

This is a small sample from more than 100 patients treated with BICOM® 2000. In our experience the use of BMF and DMI simultaneous with BICOM® therapy has an additional therapeutic effect:

  • Energy supply in chronically ill or allergic patients with buildingup DMI.
  • Intensification of BicoM treatment and sometimes reduction of the treatment time.
  • Faster alleviation of symptoms in acute diseases, usually with dampingdown DMI.

Especially beginners in BicOm treatment and therapists with little practical experience will get better and faster therapy results even in difficult patients. They need only a few tests and can use computerised programmes and therapy recommendations based on indications.


At each meeting between therapist and patient (anamnesis, therapeutic talk, injections or other medical „manipulations”), the energetic fields of the patient and the therapist interact. Such an exchange is especially intensive in the case of energetic test and treatment methods. Presumably the energetic „information exchange” of the body (both the therapist’s intention to heal and the patient’s wish to be cured) happens via resonance phenomena of the „radiation” of both frontal brain zones. If this region is covered with aluminium foil in either the therapist or the patient, energetic testing is no longer possible.

The art of the therapist is to have a positive intention towards the patient without picking up the negative energy of the illness himself. If therapists feel drained and exhausted after treating patients for several hours, some of the following treatments for energy balancing are recommended:

  • distance of 2 to 3 metres from patients in the case of treatment with long programmes
  • measures to neutralise energies in the therapy cubicle (e. g. oscillations from precious stones)
  • stimulating BICOM® programmes (programme 130, 105, 428, 530) with building up DMI
  • kinesiological exercises (see the demonstration or the kinesiology seminar): crossover movements, thymus tapping, „Wayne Cook exercise”.

We wish you much joy and success in your practice!