Old/new practical experiences. New programmes from Mrs Karz (Crete)

Karin Heine, non-medical practitioner, Munich


Nothing is as constant as change! This is also true of old BICOM® therapists like me.

I am thankful and glad to have the opportunity of using „our therapy system”. (I started using it 15 years ago.) I regard it as a privilege for us to be leaders in a relatively new therapy, because the future belongs to information therapy, resonance therapy. Frequencies are everywhere, also in a negative sense: consider for instance the electrosmog caused by cell phones. This is something which we should never neglect during testing.

After many years in practice with many advanced training courses and some innovations, a certain routine becomes established in any practice, a routine necessary for survival. Sometimes a certain therapy fatigue creeps in, and perhaps we even feel overworked and worn out. All of us in the health services do occasionally suffer from helper syndrome with symptoms of exhaustion. At first there are small signs, later larger ones. If we do not pay attention to them, they result in a full scale disease. This fact forces us to reorientate, to let go.

On one of my last train journeys I noticed the title of a book: „Wer loslaBt, hat die Halide frei!” [When you let go, your hands are free!] How true, I thought, not only of hands, but of thoughts. No longer the „hamster in a cage” syndrome, as I call it. Let go, think, consider and perhaps also go „back to the roots”. How much have we learnt, heard and tried … and also forgotten again. This is the daily routine in a practice.

This was the reason why I decided to attend a course of Mrs Karz on Crete, namely to go back to the basics of BICOM® bioresonance therapy.

As most of you know, a large percentage of the BICOM® programmes were developed by Mrs Karz. In addition, her therapy system is patient friendly as well as therapist friendly. The patient notices things himself, can and must cooperate. During this week it became clear to me that a patient must go through a depression, that this gives him the opportunity to recognise a way to change something in his life. The therapist should never take over all of the work. He should only do what is necessary or enough to help the patient advance. I tend to treat the problems of the patient away and therefore to take away the opportunity to change.

I wish to discuss parts of the therapy system. The complete system would fall outside the framework of this paper.


  1. Is everything all right as it is?
    With this question one can recognise whether the spectacles, wristwatch or jewellery are OK.
  2. Input cup:
    Which body fluids should be used? Sputum, nasal secretion, earwax, tears, blood, urine, stool, nail cuttings from the hands or feet, dead skin cells, etc.
  3. Output cup:
    BRT minerals or BRT oil, perhaps water to drink, oil to be rubbed in, etc.


Test whether the patient can be tested

  1. kinesi logically: disturbance of laterality or switching.
  2. EAV testing
    a) Hypothalamus points Normal: 70-80
    b) Quadrant measurement Normal: 30-40 points treat
    c) Terminal points of the Ideal value: 50I like using MRT to measure quadrant values. This makes treatment easier, since the plates can be directly switched to input or output or neutral. They can therefore be directly used for treatment.
  3. Priority of treatment:
    a) Geopathy programme 700
    b) Radiation contamination 701
    c) diffused radiation contamination
  4. Basic programme according to measurement Test with RAC or biotensor whether the programme should be extended or shortened.
  5. Determination of a single frequency via RAC or biotensor.

In the case of such a tested programme the applicators must stay where they are. All of us know how important it is that the patient sleeps and works in a zone which is free of geopathic burdens. Staying in such a disturbed zone for hours must impair the „steady state called man”, to use Mr Keymer’s term.

Today the subject of electrosmog is at least as important. It often happens that we treat a patient with success and then there is a standstill. The patient has been exposed to extreme levels of electrosmog or to another marked environmental burden.

According to the normal treatment system, this subject was treated already, or no burden was present. It is therefore necessary to go back to the basics and test as for the „first treatment” during the next session.


Treatment of the hyoid bone / jaw joint is part of the second treatment according to Mrs Karz. I believe that this treatment is often underrated and usually not BICOM optima®lly applied. However, since this is a profound regulation of the system, I wish to discuss it in more detail. It regulates or makes the nerve conduction paths permeable for better communication between the body and the brain. We influence the hormonal system, the circulation in the head, the entire lymphatic system, etc. When one considers that the body contains muscle chains and that the jaw influences the entire posture of the body, one can imagine how important this ment is. That is why I wish to discuss it in more Identification of the therapy side

When treating both sides of the throat with rolling while applying pressure but without connection to the instrument, usually only one side is lumpy, and only this side is treated. If both sides are lumpy or both sides test weakly, a focus in the head region should be looked for. This is often a scar on the centre line or it may also be false teeth. Consider whether the programme for elimination of scar interference or for regulation of the pituitary gland should be applied. Often the cause is a substance which disturbs the organism.

Before the regulation of the hyoid bone / jaw joint is done, you should test whether conditioning or activation of one side of the brain is advantageous. This increases the effectiveness of the regulation of the hyoid bone /jaw joint.

activation of the brain

The lumpy side should be treated as follows until it is smooth:

Roll both masseter muscles (up and down in front of the ear)

a) up and down in front of the ear while the teeth are clenched
b) from beneath the ear, across the lower jaw, up to the cheek area while the mouth is wide open
c) from in front of the upper base of the ear down to the throat and up behind the ear (in the from of a V) while the patient chews intensively
d) If the roller „springs” at the angle of the lower jaw, the temporalis should be rolled additionally or treated with the comb applicator.
e) Finally one should go back to correct the muscle tension on the side of the throat on which one started. If the hyoid bone and the jaw joint were treated on opposite sides, the throat should be rolled before the correction is done on the side of the jaw joint treatment.

This treatment should always be done while the patient stands.
After treating the hyoid bone / jaw joint, programme 570 „low resistance” should always be done
(the earlier name of this programme was „strengthening of resistance”).


In the third treatment, please note the overall tissue points, programme 922 „acute tissue process” and programme 923 „chronic tissue process”. These are very effective treatment points. They can balance a large number of nutrient points which tested weakly beforehand After this treatment usually only one nutrient point remains to be treated.

In conclusion it is good to ask the following questions:

Has the entire therapy for today been concluded? Yes/no


Is support necessary? Yes /no

  • via the five senses: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin
  • possibly aetheric oils to breathe in, rub in or bathe in
  • Flower essences, music, colours, etc.

The above comments are of course only a small part of the total system of Mrs Karz. I found once again that it is as with multiplication tables: A solid foundation can be built on. And wellapplied basic treatment is the best road to health.


In conclusion I wish to tell you about new settings by Mrs Karz.

Neutralisation of gastrin formation (regulates the hydrochloric acid secretion of the stomach)

Input: square flexible applicator on the crown
Output: 2 button applicators behind the ears
Settings: Ai, 23 kHz, wobbling off, amplification 8, interval operation, 8 minutes

Neutralisation / improvement / development of the effect of tetracycline

In the case of infections in the area of the throat, nose, pharyngeal cavity.

Input: long narrow flexible applicator at transversely above the navel
Output: gold finger in the dip about 1 finger width behind the upper edge of the right earlobe
Settings: H+Di, 31 kHz, wobble off, amplification H 1.6 / Di 1.95, interval operation, 6 minutes

Improvement of the splitting up of foods in the small intestine

Input: square applicator on the crown
Output: long narrow flexible applicator transversely on the lower abdomen, medium flexible applicator parallel with
the femur on the inner left thigh, magnetic band on the right knee
Settings: A, 42 kHz, wobble off, amplification 30, interval operation, 6 minutes

„Blood washing”

The last new programme is „blood washing” according to Mrs Karz. This setting works deeply and must therefore be tested very carefully.

When the patient or we ourselves feel that a small injection of energy or a general cleansing would do us good, „blood washing” is very suitable. Usually a patient needs this treatment only once.

„Blood washing” is essentially a massive autoprovocation of the body by the blood.


The MS and Li values are tested on both feet. Often these values are very high (sometimes only one of them is). A value above 70 is usually a clue that „blood washing” will be helpful.

The amplification is tested at the worst measurement value using a drop of the patient’s blood (which should at least be neutral according to the spin tester). Right spinning blood is better than neutral blood — ideally with a value near 50 at the TW of the right or left hand. If the blood is mainly left spinning, a preliminary treatment should be done, either geopathy or radiation contamination.

To test the amplification

  • a drop of blood is put in the input cup
  • programme 990 is selected (all frequencies, A 2x) and the E key is used to go to the amplification setting
  • the multi range switch is switched to E [I on the English front panel]
  • the START switch is activated as well as the Ausgang Test [Output Test] switch
  • and the chosen acupuncture point is tested until the amplification is found with which the measurement value 50 is reached.

The result may sometimes be a very high amplification setting.

One treats the patient with this amplification of the blood.

For best results the cup applicator is connected to the output. The opening is turned to the body. The cup applicator is therefore used as therapy applicator. This is a new idea of Mrs Karz.

One should still test whether the output applicator is best put on the thymus region or on the area for regulating protein digestion (the tip of the breastbone as well as the individual therapy time.

However, one should check what the BICOM optima®l treatment time is by feeling the pulse of the patient.

Through this treatment the hypothalamus and quadrant values are regulated considerably. This is a sign that the body has coped will with the challenge of itself.

These then are the new therapy settings of Mrs Karz. She wishes you success and joy in your therapeutic work.

In conclusion I wish to emphasise the following:

Remember the obvious during therapy. Often time consuming testing is unnecessary when we can fall back on the native substance. In the case of domestic toxins, for instance, carpets, curtains, tiles, etc. contain all the necessary information. For pollen therapy we also use strips of sticky tape which were put on the outside of windows.

Thank you for your attention.

Treatment system according to Sissi Karz

First treatment

  • geopathy — radioactive stress
  • elimination of scar interference
  • quadrant measurement and balance
  • constitutional treatment, e. g. with MULTICOM

Second treatment

  • repeat the first treatment?
  • correction of the hyoid bone / jaw joint
  • lateral balance
  • buildup of one half of the brain
  • increase of resistance to illness
  • thymus treatment
  • dysfunction of the central nervous system
  • dysfunction of the pituitary gland

Third treatment

  • repeat the first treatment?
  • repeat the second treatment?
  • overall tissue points
  • nutrient points
  • metabolism programme

Further therapy sessions or fourth treatment

  • repeat first, second, third treatment?
  • indicated programmes, e. g.
    — overall treatment via the jaw
    — activation of vitality
    — hormonal control via the foot
    — toxin removal (antibiotics, anaesthetic, preservatives, etc.)
    — shock treatment
    — blockage of the sympathetic trunk of the neck

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