Opening of the Congress

Hans Brügemann, founder and executive director REGUMED, and Mrs. Hermine Brügemann, executive director REGUMED

The theme for this year’s Congress is

Working together to broaden medical horizons

Here the phrase “broadening horizons” is used in a metaphorical sense. There have been a number of notable events in history to which we could also apply the metaphor of broadening horizons.

I am thinking, for example, of Galileo Galilei, who in 1543 developed scientific thought from the notion of the universe rotating around the disc of the Earth to the concept of it being a revolving sphere within the solar system.

I am referring also to Nicolaus Copernicus,who around 90 years later stated the following: “That which appears to us to be movement of the sun does not in fact come from its own movement but rather from the movement of the Earth as we move around the sun. The centre of the Earth is not the centre of the universe.”

It is no exaggeration to say that with regard to medicine we need to broaden our horizons on a scale similar to the historical events outlined above. Medicine needs to move on from a focus on material
processes to embrace the rules governing energetic frequencies. This is not to say, of course, that we ought to pitch one reality against the other, but in terms of the existing reality of the behaviour of matter in biological systems it is now time to expand our horizons and take in the much broader dimension of energy frequencies.

It is vitally important that we broaden medical horizons and such a development will prove particularly helpful when treating chronically ill patients. If this heightened knowledge is accepted and used it will have untold benefit for the treatment of sick patients.

And so our motto can give us fresh impetus to become even more aware of the significance of the task facing us. The papers given at this Congress make another major contribution in this respect and I would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge all the speakers at this year’s Congress. We would also like to thank the speakers who have taken part in earlier Congresses and those who have led our seminars.

I hope this year’s 47th International BICOM Congress 2007 will be a great success and that we all benefit from expanding our knowledge and developing even more personal contacts.

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