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Allergies / Asthma / Bronchitis / ENT

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Patients suffering multiple allergies and unable to work

Female patient: “I never would have thought life could be so good.” At the start of March last year a Read more

E. Aenderl, Naturopath, Happurg 5th April 2016

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Female patient: my first allergy-free summer In 1996 I suffered from hayfever for the first time. My eyes were very Read more

Patient Nicole Iconomou, Spring 2004 6th April 2016

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“I no longer have an allergic reaction to cats”

Sam now loves to play with his cat: allergy free When we went on holiday last summer to a farm Read more

Ruth Stepani - therapist 6th April 2016

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Fireman rescued from severe asthma

A good feeling, being able to help patients Bioresonance has been extraordinarily successful in the treatment of asthma too. Adults Read more

Fr. Prigge-Jugsch, Naturopath 6th April 2016

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Help with asthma

A mother reports: The Management team at Regumed received the following letter from the mother of a child suffering from Read more

Yours, Nancy Langhein-Mayr Winter 2003 6th April 2016

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Hannes is able to breathe deeply and freely again

Small child with asthma When little Hannes was seven months old he developed spastic bronchitis and was increasingly prone to Read more

Dr. Jürgen Hennecke, Aachen Summer 2005 6th April 2016

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Permanent cold and watering eyes for months

ENT specialist: Bicom bioresonance method – a good way to offset lower revenues as a result of the health reform Read more

Dr. med. Heinz from Halle 6th April 2016

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40-year-old woman suffered for 25 years from a runny nose and watering eyes

Doctor’s assistant: I could fill an entire book with allergy therapy success stories We have been using Bicom bioresonance in Read more

Ms Spichtinger Doctor’s Assistant, Helmut Eder practice 6th April 2016

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Considerable health problems since the age of 2: sensitivity to chemicals

The parents’ view on the Bicom method: we didn’t know that the medicine was so far advanced! Our son had Read more

A. Bartikowski, Rehmsdorf 6th April 2016

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Children with chesty night-time coughs

Are cuddly toys the culprit? We have been working with Bicom therapy for just one year. In the case of Read more

Dr. Franz Weinheim practice, Autumn 2005 6th April 2016

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Tracking down the hidden causes of illness… I have been working with bioresonance therapy for the last four years and Read more

Ursula Drever, Naturopath 6th April 2016

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Bioresonance from Shilpa Shah (age 40 – female)

My daughter is 2 years old now and she has only seen her paediatrician once or twice (since the check Read more

Shilpa Shah 25th April 2016


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Eye inflammations caused by allergies, viruses or bacteria

Eye inflamation treatment In my experience I am able to achieve better results with bioresonance therapy for many illnesses than Read more

Dr. med. A. Kuchenbecker, Ophthalmology practice 6th April 2016


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Back Pain

Rapid pain treatment without injections? A 32-year-old patient was complaining about extremely acute back pain. She explained that had been Read more

Andreas Wildförster, Naturopath 6th April 2016

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Successfully treating pain

At least 8 million patients experiencing pain in Germany* When I started working with the bioresonance method 12 years ago, Read more

Angelika Prigge-Jugsch, Naturopath 7th April 2016

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82-year-old patient experiencing pain

Enjoying her gardening again This original report from a patient was kindly made available to us by Bicom therapist Marcel Read more

Anna Gabora 7th April 2016

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Acute pain and oedema

Able to practise as a doctor again There is so much to explain if you work with the Bicom bioresonance Read more

Dr. med. Barbara Petereit 7th April 2016


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High temperature and bacteria in the urine

A mystery to everyone Julian was one week old when I visited him and on this same afternoon something didn’t Read more

Angelika Prigge-Jugsch 7th April 2016

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Help with incontinence following a prostate operation

Urology Incontinence is a subject that most of those affected would rather not talk about. As well as a number Read more

Rita Schwozer, Dr. Arnd Schwozer Practice, Urologist from Würzburg 7th April 2016

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An end to recurring urinary tract infections

Urology: Bicom in a urological practice I very often found that I had exhausted all possibilities when practising conventional medicine Read more

Dipl.-Med. Petra Figura, Urology 7th April 2016

General/infectious diseases/warts/stomach/intestine

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For 10 years his hands were covered in coarse warts

23-year-old patient In addition to allergy therapy we also use the Bicom device for a number of other indications. One Read more

Ms Spichtinger, Doctor’s Assistant, Helmut Eder practice 7th April 2016

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Mononucleosis and its consequences

After two years of suffering, finally a return to good quality of life On 15.5.2002 a 19-year-old female patient came Read more

Harald Sievert, Naturopath 7th April 2016

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Migraines with acute nausea and vomiting

Cow’s milk as the main trigger? There can be a number of causes of migraines. Problems in the cervical spine Read more

Otto Repnik, Naturopath from Linz, Autumn 2005 7th April 2016

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Italian patient: able to enjoy eating spaghetti again after 30 years… Since March 2004 we have been using bioresonance therapy Read more

Praxis Dr. med. Dobbermann, Winter 2004 7th April 2016

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Crohn’s disease

After 8 years of suffering, help received through BICOM bioresonance A young gynaecologist who works in the hospital came to Read more

Karin Knorz, Naturopath and Paediatric Naturopath, Dreieich Spring 2004 7th April 2016

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Improved liver values

Finally after 13 years: A 52-year-old female patient was suffering from chronic fatigue and recurring headaches. Her fatigue was so Read more

Ursula Drever, Naturopath 7th April 2016

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Decades of suffering from ice-cold feet

Successful treatment convinces sceptical scientist of its efficacy When I decided to start using Bicom bioresonance therapy in my practice, Read more

Frauke Petersen, Naturopath 7th April 2016


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Breast inflammation, blocked milk ducts and suppurating nipples

Undimmed joy of motherhood after alternative treatment Unfortunately motherhood is not always without its problems. I thought that breastfeeding would Read more

C. Werner, Patient from Munich 7th April 2016

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From mycosis treatment to endometriosis therapy

Finally after 13 years: Most of us gynaecologists are biased towards the use of conventional medicine. If there are anomalies Read more

Dr med. P. Dehm, Gynaecologist, Ettlingen 7th April 2016

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Childless for so long – then finally a baby!

Gynaecology: Alternative infertility treatment Unwanted childlessness is a problem for more and more couples. Generally advice and treatment in cases Read more

Rita Doll, Bicom Therapist 7th April 2016

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Happy patient: from PAP IIId to PAP II

Gynaecology: During Ms. B.’s cancer check-up with her gynaecologist changes were discovered in her portio vaginalis. A tissue sample was Read more

Dr med. Ulrich Teschke, Specialist in General Medicine, Oldenburg 7th April 2016

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From PAP IVa to PAP II Decision to choose alternative medicine

Gynaecology: Alternative treatment In January 2002 I went for a check-up with my gynaecologist. The usual smear tests were carried Read more

Patient K. Titz, Munich 7th April 2016

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For years recurring inflammations in the vagina and in the true pelvis

Resistant pathogen successfully treated and as a result renewed pleasure in ‘conjugal duties…’ In my gynaecological practice I use Bicom Read more

Dr. med. Ulrike Mwanguvu, Gynaecologist, Marl April 2005 7th April 2016


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Skin: Alternative treatment Female patient: it is like starting over again… Manfred Heggli, naturopath from Switzerland, passed Regumed the report Read more

Susanne Heer 7th April 2016

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Unable to work, with mobility problems caused by extremely inflamed and painful legs

Patient no longer believed that she could be helped I have been working since 1990 as a naturopath, particularly with Read more

Otto Repnik, Austria 7th April 2016

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Extreme skin reddening on the face for 20 years

Stress caused by wood preserver One day a patient came to me who had been suffering from a very red Read more

I. Krack Bicom Therapist, Tuttlingen 7th April 2016

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Neurodermatitis in its worst form

Skin and a 5-month-old baby: In my practice I treat many children, but I had never seen anything like this. Read more

J. Hoffmann, Naturopath from Vellberg 7th April 2016

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Baby with persistent skin rash

Skin: A mother reports When our son Dominik was only three months old, he developed a stubborn rash starting at Read more

U. S., Bad Kaluga, Spring 2004 7th April 2016

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Skin rashes: for 10 years suppurating pustules all over body

A good feeling: being able to help chronically ill patients! For around four years we have been working with the Read more

Egon Leitner, Bicom Therapist 7th April 2016

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Pityriasis rubra pilaris (PRP) severe skin disorder

No longer on any medication I continued with weekly Bioresonance and got better. Within 3 months I was feeling so much better. Read more

Sarah Rose 18th August 2016


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Treating AD(H)S with the BICOM

Hyperactivity: Fidgets and dreamers In her naturopathic practice Jessica Rüther works primarily with children with behavioural difficulties. The main focus Read more

Jessica Rüther 7th April 2016

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Hyperactive and permanently full of cold

Hyperactivity: 7-year-old girl Success with Bicom therapy leads to waiving of panel status Integration of bioresonance in my practice worked Read more

Dr. med. Marie-Thérèse Eisele, ENT Specialist 7th April 2016

Musculoskeletal system / Neurology

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Serious complications after the birth

The parents: “We wish that this therapy was also available to other children” Our daughter Marleen (see photo) was delivered Read more

Petra and Matthias Striegel, March 2004 7th April 2016

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Sudeck’s disease and periostitis

Therapist: “I’m pleased that I opted to try this form of therapy!” During my exams I was quite fatigued and Read more

Dr. med. D. Hug, Specialist in General Medicine from Frankfurt 7th April 2016

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Rheumatism and osteochondrosis

No longer any need for orthopaedic shoes, able to ride and ski again My first contact with Bicom was some Read more

Angelika Prigge-Jugsch 7th April 2016

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Rapid and lasting improvement in cases of arthrosis and sports injuries

Musculoskeletal system: Using bioresonance in an orthopaedic practice: In our orthopaedic practice we use the Bicom device particularly for treating Read more

Dr. med. R. Schubert 7th April 2016

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Neurology: Post-Herpes zoster neuralgia

After Bicom treatment pain-free walking holiday in Nepal The 76-year-old patient was suffering increasing sciatic pain in her left leg. Read more

Dr. med. F. B. 7th April 2016

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Herniated Discs

Neurology: In 124 cases of herniated discs: bioresonance instead of operating At the 2007 International Bicom Congress in Fulda Dr. Read more

Dr. Özlem Kiran Istanbul 7th April 2016

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Brain paralysis treated

Attending doctor: “The boy had really started to live …” At the 2004 BICOM Congress in Fulda Egyptian doctor and Read more

Dr. med. Hany Morkos, Cairo, Egypt 7th April 2016

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Epilepsy in an infant

Therapist: a treatment that gets to the root of the problem Seeing children suffer unleashes a deep desire in me Read more

J. Hoffmann, Naturopath from Vellberg 7th April 2016


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