Promising opportunities for treating parasites using blood and saliva

Sissi Karz, Naturopath, Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

Dear colleagues,

Three years ago Herr Baklayan gave a very informative presentation on intra­and extracellular parasites, which inspired me and no doubt others to think about possible treatment opportunities beyond ampoule therapy.

In the summer I then made initial attempts with my colleague, Dr. Lang, at finding an alternative or supporting measure for treatment using parasite ampoules. The following method has since been introduced very successfully in several practices and has proven effective for a number of different disorders. For this reason I would now like to pass it on to a wider group of colleagues.

The initial idea was to work with blood alone, but the results were not clear or definitive. Only after a second swab with a similar quantity of saliva was added to the cup was it possible to arrive at clear statements using the tensor, with the same results also achieved using kinesiology.

For treatment each of the following are therefore needed for both testing and treating intra­and extracellular parasites:

  • Three thick drops of blood from the left ring finger on a swab
  • Roughly the same amount of saliva on a separate swab

Both swabs are placed in a small glass which is placed into a cup applicator to test the percentage of intra­and extracellular parasites, the cup being connected via a cable to the patient’s cylindrical hand applicator.

Small glass containing swabs
Small glass containing swabs

For the purposes of testing the cup is placed preferably in the centre of the base line of a semi­circle which is marked off with a scale of percentages from 0 to 100.

The first fundamental statement made with the tensor held over the cup is:
“Intracellular (or extracellular) parasites are present!”

Parasites are present
Statement: Parasites are present

If there is a clear YES (the rod will usually move up and down) we next find the percentages of intracellular and extracellular parasites present in the patient’s body by testing between the cup applicator and the number scale. If we start at 5% the rod will continue to oscillate neutrally until the corresponding percentage of parasites is reached. The rod will then generate a connection between the cup and the percentage figure.

At this point the precise percentage figure has not yet been determined

The correct percentage figure has now been found
The correct percentage figure has now been found

Before carrying out a parasite treatment it is worthwhile in any event to additionally test the ampoules available for parasites, environmental stress, bacteria etc and then carry out a control test immediately after treatment. This sometimes produces amazing results which are often very meaningful.

During treatment the intracellular parasites always take priority to begin with and the patient must be made aware beforehand that after every parasite treatment there is a total ban on coffee and any form of alcohol for a period of five days.

Prior to parasite treatment a procedure to correct the hyoid bone and temporomandibular joint should also be carried out where possible and nutrient levels balanced so that the organism is in the best condition possible to eliminate the parasites.

Treating intracellular parasites

Input: 3 drops of blood + roughly the same amount of saliva in the input cup
Output: magnetic depth probe on phosphorus point (below navel)

A chip of this treatment is often required too.
Frequency: 150 Hertz
Wobble: off
Operating mode: intervals
Type of therapy: Di
Amplification: test!
Therapy time: according to pulse (usually 20-­30 min.)

Treating intracellular parasites

With the help of several colleagues we attempted to give some guidance on amplifications for the various percentages of parasite infestation, but this proved unsuccessful as the differences were far too great. They fluctuate between 0.45­fold and 64­fold. What was clear, however, was that the therapy time using very low and low amplifications (up to ca. 8­fold) is often longer than that required when using higher amplifications.

It is therefore important to test the amplification and therapy time for every patient.

The best method for testing amplification is to take the patient’s pulse and so differentiate more subtly. To do this, the therapist lightly places two fingers on the patient’s wrist and, beginning at an amplification of 0.025, steadily moves the arrow key upwards. The pulse may react briefly at certain amplifications but only once the optimum amplification is reached will the pulse beat continuously. This setting can now be confirmed for subsequent treatment by pressing the E key on the device.

The ideal therapy time is 20 minutes. Again, the exact length of treatment can be ascertained by feeling the pulse (while the program is running) or also using kinesiology or with the tensor. This may take up to half an hour. Often the patient’s organism will demand a break after a few minutes in order to react to the program. This will most likely shorten the overall length of treatment since the organism is not being overstressed.

If a colleague is working with a dark field device he will be able to observe during treatment how some parasites suddenly hit the cell wall and it appears as though the cell is trying to spit out the parasite, which is exactly what does happen.

It may be the case that the patient has a slight headache or is extremely tired after this type of treatment for 1 or 2 days at most. The patient should be made aware of this so that he can adjust accordingly. The patient should also be asked to take note of parts of the body where any reactions occur. These are often very old symptoms which recur from time to time.

A minimum period of 5 days after the first treatment must be observed and it may also be the case that the patient’s organism needs more time to respond. However, this is not dependent on the parasitic infestation percentage, rather the general condition of the patient.

The gap between one treatment session and the next should therefore always be tested.

When treating extracellular parasites the same basic conditions apply as for intracellular parasites.

By the time of second parasite treatment the intracellular parasites should normally have disappeared. It may be the case, however, that a small percentage (up to a maximum of 10%) of intracellular parasites remain. In such cases it is always important to test whether the intracellular parasites need treating again, whether you now need to work with ampoules or whether it is possible to move on to treating the extracellular parasites.

If you find when testing the percentages – or if the patient complains of problems for a number of days following treatment of intracellular parasites – that the reduction in parasites was not satisfactory, we recommend that you ascertain any possible obstacles to therapy by asking the patient to say certain sentences out loud.

For example the patient may say that they:

had too much stress
did not have enough sleep
did not drink enough water
drank too much coffee
drank too much alcohol etc.

These sentences can be tested on the patient using applied kinesiology, although it is important to make sure that the patient does not try to cheat by deliberately not holding out the upper arm. With less stable patients it is therefore safer to conduct the test using a tensor.

Sometimes we uncover some quite odd links, such as pralines having a liqueur­filled centre, chocolate cake containing coffee supplements to enhance the taste, or the patient perhaps not realising that cheese fondue also contains white wine etc. Particularly when accepting a private invitation caution is advised because on these occasions every housewife wants to cook a really good meal and often adds a shot of alcohol to the sauce.

Treating extracellular parasites

Input: 3 drops of blood + roughly the same amount of saliva in the input cup
Output: magnetic depth probe on and above symphysis

Memory device: possibly 1 chip
Frequency: 64 Hertz
Wobble: on
Type of operation: intervals
Therapy type: Di
Amplification: test!
Therapy time: according to pulse (usually 20­-30 min.)

Treating extracellular parasites

Here again, alcohol and coffee are completely off limits for 5 days following treatment for extracellular parasites!

For all colleagues who have the parasite test kit it is wonderful to observe just how quickly the individual ampoules stop producing a positive result. There are in fact a great many more parasites that can only be picked up using endogenous patient information, which is why the method presented here is even more effective than relying solely on ampoules. As is so often the case, the right combination of both therapy options appears to be the best course of action.

A curious phenomenon

You may observe when testing during the 2nd parasite treatment that different ampoules suddenly start to test positive from those recorded prior to the first treatment. This is probably due to the emergence of parasites which had previously been concealed by other, more dominant parasites, bacteria etc. in the patient.


Case 1: Female, 38 years old

The patient had suffered for two years from permanently dry eyes and constipation.

After correcting the hyoid bone and temporomandibular joint and balancing the nutrient points, it was evident that the hypothalamic levels in her ear were still moving between 50 and 60. And neither of her two big toes or the right second toe showed up on the foot plates. This was probably due to two serious skiing accidents that had resulted in concussion.

After treating with the CNS build­up program a hypothalamic value of 76 was finally reached. Directly after this program the patient’s organism needed a parasite treatment. Even though none of the parasites and other ampoules from my test kits had produced a positive result, the patient displayed 63% intracellular and 82% extracellular parasites when testing using the tensor.

In order to treat the intracellular parasites the patient required a 51­fold amplification as well as 12 minutes of therapy time initially and, after a break of around 4 minutes, a further 5 minutes. After this none of the intracellular parasites tested any more and only 77% extracellular parasites.

Another striking fact was that the second toe on the right foot now appeared fully on the foot plate during the treatment and the two big toes at least left an impression of half a centimetre in diameter on the plates.

A chip was also created for this patient which was remained on the phosphorus point for 5 days.

Two days later the patient reported to me that her eyes had started to water, at least when she was outside and it was windy, and were no longer painful.

Strangely enough, when she came for a second treatment a week later (a response time of 7 days was needed in her case) different ampoules tested positive.

And these were: Parasites – Lung – Worms– Lymphs – Cortisone.

When testing using the tensor 4% intra­cellular parasites and 38% extracellular parasites still remained.

During treatment a 20­fold amplification was required. 17 minutes of therapy was followed by a 2­minute break for a reaction to take place and then a further 2 minutes of therapy.

The patient needed 2 chips from this treatment. One was placed above the pubic hair and the second was placed on the lecithin point on the left shoulder joint, both for 7 days.

After the extracellular parasites had been treated only cortisone was still testing positive.

A few days after treatment the patient’s eyes began to water heavily but everything returned to normal within a week.

Four months have since passed and the patient is very happy with the result.

Case 2: Older, female patient

An older colleague, who frequently holidays in Crete, found a number of processionary caterpillars crawling across her patio table one morning and without thinking she wiped them away with her hand. The result was massive swelling in the lymph nodes, particularly on her hands, arms and face. She had to go to hospital where she was given antibiotics and cortisone.

After the swelling had gone down she came to me and I tested from the parasites, environmental stresses and bacteria ampoules:

Parasites intestine – Parasites CNS – Worms blood – Worms skin – Worms CNS – Cortisone – Bacteria – Chromobacter – Legionella.

The percentage test revealed 77% intra­cellular parasites and ca. 60% extracellular parasites.

Only a 16-­fold amplification was required for treatment and a total therapy time of 15 minutes, admittedly with 2 breaks of 3-­4 minutes each in between.

My colleague did not require a chip.

After treatment the ampoules still tested for Parasites CNS – Worms CNS – Chromobacter.

In the percentage test intracellular parasites were no longer evident, but 68% extracellular parasites were still present. This means that the organism generally reacted well, but that longer is needed to eliminate the parasites fully. In most patients it is the case that after treatment for intracellular parasites the percentage of extracellular parasites will be somewhat higher.

On the footplate prints pronounced drops of sweat were visible from the first two toes on both the left and right feet, which means that mentally the patient had worked very hard.

During the next visit five days later only Worms 10 (CNS) tested positive and ca. 45% extracellular parasites using the tensor.

With my colleague feeling much better after the first parasite treatment, no more parasite ampoules from the test kit testing positive and also because she did not want to go without coffee any longer, there was unfortunately no second treatment. This is a situation we just have to accept sometimes.

This simple form of parasite treatment really does add greatly to our options with BICOM® bioresonance therapy and is one which I would strongly recommend to every therapist. Sometimes we don’t realise how much this treatment stimulates the organism in ways that were previously not thought possible. It is important, however, to always choose the correct time for treatment and also to test where necessary whether the patient needs pre­treatment using blood and saliva before starting with parasite therapy.

Try it out and you will be pleasantly surprised at the great results.

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