Recent findings in modern physics and a possible connection with bioresonance therapy

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Fritz Albert Popp, Internationales Institut air Biophysik (JIB), Neuss


Recent years have been characterised not only by epoch making technical advances (for example in electronic data processing and in so called genetic engineering), but also — and no less spectacularly for the specialists involved — in optics and quantum electrodynamics. As an example, I would like to mention so called „quenched states”, non linear optical phenomena such as phase conjugation and, more recently, the unexpectedly high storage capacity for light which was briefly hailed as a scientific sensation even in the day to day German press.

All these achievements have an effect on the understanding of living systems, although the connections are still not clearly recognised and discussed. That is understandable when we consider that,

  1. very little is known even now about the „nature of life”,
  2. we still focus our attention on molecular biological considerations, and
  3. it normally takes some time for the optimisation principles of physics to be explained, particularly in the perfectly organised functions of living systems.’

It has been observed that, on some occasions, the empirical method, that is for example therapeutic programmes for which the scientific basis is in dispute, comes well before scientific knowledge or technical application. To this extent, it is not only interesting, but actually necessary, to reflect on these possible connections.

It has been suggested that bioresonance therapy correlates phenomena such as resonance, phase conjugation and the ability to store electromagnetic waves with coherent and quenched states. Starting with a demonstration of resonance processes, the distribution of energy in living creatures is discussed, with an example from biophoton research documenting the principle of destructive and constructive interference in living systems. Then application of the phenomenon of phase conjugation to intercellular communication is examinee’ 3

The connection with quantum optics will be dealt with in a simple manner. What effects these ideas might have in the context of bioresonance therapy will be discussed.

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