Simplified application of proven therapy programs with the Bicom 2000

Dr. med. Jiirgen Hennecke, Aachen


BICOM® resonance therapy can be applied most beneficially when the applicators and therapy parameters are adapted to suit the current energetic condition of the patient, both in terms of their individual needs and their reactivity.

This means that at the beginning of every therapy session the therapist must test all parameters such as optimum type of therapy, frequency and amplification using one of the available energetic test procedures (EAV, tensor, kinesiology). Ideally, he should then remain with the patient, observe any possible reactions, align the therapy parameters if necessary and test the optimum length of time required for therapy. For any follow up therapy, the same procedure should be followed.

This type of process only works in a practice structured in such a way as to allow the therapist time to work intensively with each patient individually.

The therapist must be in control of a test procedure and be energetically well balanced themselves. They will also not be able to treat many patients in any one day.

In many practices, especially in the larger doctors’ and naturopaths’ practices, this process is not workable. Often several patients are being treated at the same time with different methods. The therapist does not have time to test each parameter individually and has to delegate a large part of therapy to other staff

In such cases the patient is not receiving optimum BICOM® resonance therapy, rather next best therapy. For this we rely on programs with fixed therapy parameters which have been proven to work for many indications, based on empirical evidence. Every child needs a name and thus each of these programs has been named after one of the„main indications”. These descriptions should not be taken too literally, however, because other conditions too can often respond equally well to these programs.

In BICOM® version 4.4 over 400 such therapy programs have been saved under fixed numbers. Most of the programs were set up by Sissi Karz based on her testing and experience (and no little „female intuition”) on numerous patients. Many therapists were able to see for themselves the positive effects these programs had.

One minor disadvantage of many programs was the sometimes rather complicated process of connecting up the different applicators with the input and output cables. In everyday practice we know that of the vast range of programs available, only 15 to 20 are regularly used.


By introducing the modulation mat with BICOM® 2000 the use of these programs has been simplified while at the same time intensifying their effect.

1. Using Electrodes

In almost all cases information is absorbed from the pathological area where the problem is occurring using an applicator suitable for the part of the body being treated. The appropriate bodily secretion containing the pathological information is placed in the input cup.

The output applicator is always the modulation mat, usually placed on the back and less often across the chest and stomach. The magnetic effect allows the whole torso to be covered as far as the head and the extremities, and also includes the points where all the acupuncture meridians meet on the back and the meridian alarm points on the front of the body.

2. Therapy programs

Depending on the indication and experience of the therapist, the setting for the relevant program remains unchanged. Only the length of therapy can be shortened when using the BICOM® 2000 by approx. 30 to 40 %. All that now needs to be tested is whether the program entered is „suitable”. In case several programs are candidates, it is possible to enter up to 3 programs one after the other (separated by a „comma”) and then to select the most „suitable” one. We also use many programs on the basis of past experience with no need for testing.

Using this type of „next best” BiCom therapy, approx. 80 % of average patients can be successfully treated. It is possible to delegate this procedure to others and eases the pressure on beginners still finding their way or experienced therapists feeling stressed or tired at the end of a long day, because no testing is involved. There may still be a need, however, for individually tailored settings to be used for some very sensitive patients or for patients presenting with complicated clinical pictures.

We would like to show you examples of the most frequently used programs in our practice.

Program 428 „Thymus Activation”

Input: square, flexible applicator on centre of the breastbone („thymus”)
Output: modulation mat on back

This program has proven to be exceptional for general immune stimulation for weak immunological responses, proneness to infection and allergic diathesis. We use this program as an introduction to an antivirus therapy, e. g. herpes, hepatitis or an Epstein Barr virus, and in preparation for or elimination of vaccine stresses.

We often use this as a warmup program before an allergy therapy. It has also proved effective in support of cancer therapy.

A patient who had undergone surgery for mammalian carcinoma came to the practice once a week while receiving her regular chemotherapy. Each time she received just basic therapy, scar elimination and program 428. The patient had little hair loss, few side effects and felt very well in herself.

Program 570 „Weak Immunological Response”

Other proven programs for immune stimulation are

Program 953 „Immune Defects”

Input: flexible applicator on back of head
Output: modulation mat on back

Program 582 Immunodeficiency”

Input: flexible applicator on neck
Output: modulation mat on back

Program 930 „Lymph Activation”

Input: cylindrical or spiral applicator under armpits and in groin region and/or flexible applicator on wound or painful area
Output: modulation mat on back

The latter program not only stimulates the immune system, but for many conditions it also activates stemmed lymph drainage in the tissue. Recently we have begun testing this program on a more regular basis, which in itself is an indication of how the the interstitial mesenchyme is becoming increasingly intoxicated and clogged up.

Time and again we note that after this therapy, postoperative swellings subside more quickly and wounds heal better. Excellent results have also been observed in treatment following dental operations and tooth extractions. For cases of chronic sinusitis and for migraines a more rapid recovery is possible if eye applicators are also used as an additional input point.

We often use:

Program 970 „Elimination of Toxins”

Input: small, flexible applicator on breastbone („thymus”)
Output: modulation mat on back or across liver and kidneys

This causes an intensive stimulation and energetic support for the main elimination organs, the liver and kidneys. We use this before the specific elimination of toxins, and also heavy metals, amalgam, pesticides etc.

It is often used as a warmup program to an allergy treatment. In the case of pollinosis therapy for conjunctivitis, the eye applicators are used as additional input applicators. Often the itching around the eyes starts to ease during this preliminary treatment.

Program 980/981 „Hormonal Control”

Input: multi layer applicator on left foot (heel)
Output: modulation mat on back

Even if the case history shows that complaints have occurred in connection with particular times of life, such as puberty, pregnancy, giving birth or the menopause or symptoms appear to improve or become worse during periods, both these programs should still be included in the course of therapy.

Very good results have been observed in several patients with mild and medium depression during the menopause. Repeated application of both programs in combination with a chakra therapy and Program 900 (see below) brought about a very rapid improvement in mood and general wellbeing.

Program 900 „Activation of Vitality”

Input: large, flexible applicator on forehead/crown, multi layer applicator on both feet
Output: modulation mat on back

Just about all chronic disorders are linked to mental stress, psychovegetative symptoms and states of exhaustion. We prefer to use this program at the start of a series of treatment in order to „mentally build up” patients.

The former title of this program „Activation of Zest for Life” speaks for itself. The effect of the program can be amplified by switching to DMI „building up”. It may help to combine this with Bach’s flower therapy.

I would like to briefly mention the indispensable programs on removing blockages which relieve electromagnetic stresses and neutralise scar elimination fields.

Program 700 „Geopathy”
Program 701 „Radiation Stresses”
Program 702 „Diffuse Radiation Stresses”

For all:

Input: button applicator SP4a on left foot
Output: modulation mat on back

Since it is not easy to differentiate between the different kinds of electromagnetic radiation stress and the fact that there are a variety of stresses, it is best to test to find which of these programs is most „suitable”.

Program 910 „Scar Elimination”

Input: flexible applicator on scar area (head or extremities) or hand applicators (thorax, abdomen, lower abdomen, back)
Output: modulation mat on back

The modulation mat ensures great depth of penetration into the back and covers both external and internal scars resulting from accidents or operations in the torso area. For lower abdominal scarring the patient sits on the modulation mat (fully clothed!). It is fine to use the hand applicator as the input. Alternatively a flexible applicator can be placed at the input on the scar area in the front thorax or abdominal area (as an input directly on the skin). Flexible applicators are likewise attached with the input cable to the head, arms and legs. All scar interferences can be treated at the same time. Don’t forget to rub in BICOM® oil!

Program 530

This „universal” program, which we frequently use ourselves, has several indications

„Hyoid bone and mandibular joint blockages”

Input: roller applicator (use according to diagram instructions)
Output: modulation mat on back

This program has been tried and tested on all illnesses involving interferences in the craniosacral mechanism. Vague toothache and jawache, teeth grinding, migraines and tension headaches, tinnitus, backache and also pain in the knee and ankle joints which has arisen through non axial stressing.

„Metabolism Program”

Input: button applicator between eyebrows („RNA” point) button applicator on mid point of symphysis („lead” point)
Output: modulation mat on back

It has been shown that through application of this program most of the nutrient points previously showing signs of interference (see detailed chart by Sissi Karz) can be balanced. This allows the body to absorb the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nutrients found in food more easily and absorb them into the metabolism. This „short term nutrient points therapy” can be used successfully in combination with orthomolecular substitution.

We often use this program as a „warmup program” prior to allergy therapy. By stabilising the metabolism and the immune system it is less likely that „new” allergies will appear.

„Meridian related Allergy Therapy”

Allergen on „allergen contact zone” below navel, possibly also costal arch, thymus and both temples

Input: button applicator on start and end points of certain meridians
Output: modulation mat on back

These applicators can also be used for meridian flooding in other indications. In this case we use the meridian programs for „acute” or „chronic degenerative” disturbances numbers 200 to 391

For allergy therapy we use program 530. Since this therapy does not involve inverse oscillations, as is the case for therapy with ball applicators and the modulation mat at the output, and instead relates to an energy balance, this program has a „milder” effect.

We use it on sensitive patients, as the first stage in therapy for treating chronic allergies, for contact allergies and we always use it if therapy with ball applicators has not achieved the desired effect.


Until now it has been very difficult to treat mucous membrane contact allergies. They can be triggered by anything from contact with raw apples and nuts to local reactions in the oral cavity, and causes can range from a slight tickly throat and palate to dangerously swollen lips, tongue and larynx.

Sometimes these reactions disappeared after successful treatment of the pollen „cross allergens”. Often these mucous membrane reactions persisted even after the hayfever had disappeared. Targeted post treatment of the nut or fruit in question was only successful in 50-60 % of cases. The idea for a new type of therapy came from the following observation: In raw fruit and nuts there exists an allergy triggering substance which can be destroyed when food is prepared, i. e. when cooked. Apple purée and cakes containing nuts are usually tolerated by these patients. This substance is released or activated through contact with saliva. It is only after this contact with saliva that the substance can trigger a local allergic reaction. How then do we obtain this substance for use in our allergy therapy?

Solution: A piece of apple or a nut is chewed by the therapist (not by the patient!), covered in saliva and then spat into a glass tube. Some more saliva is then added (body’s own information!) and this rather unappetising mixture is then used for allergy therapy.

The „provocation test” following therapy should only be carried out using tiny amounts and appropriate safety precautions should be taken.

Following therapy almost all patients were happily able to eat apples and nuts again

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