The culprit isn’t just found in the intestine – Pancreatitis, gastritis, enteritis & Co

Dr. med. Uta Schmieden-Lindner, general practitioner, Vohenstrauß, Germany


For the past 9 years in our small town general medical practice we have been working with a broad range of naturopathic therapies, the favourite being bioresonance. This is because, in addition to enabling extensive testing of the causes of disorders, bioresonance therapy offers outstanding possibilities for treating medical complaints by stabilising impaired organ systems and eliminating pathogens. We make use of the full extent of conventional medical diagnosis and combine this with comprehensive naturopathic diagnosis and therapy which our patients respond to very well. We only resort to conventional medical treatment if absolutely necessary however. Meanwhile we now work with two BICOM® devices which are usually in constant use and, over the years, have treated several thousand patients with bioresonance, many of them with digestive disorders.

The intestine – heart of our immune system

All therapists practising naturopathically know how important the intestine is for our health and the huge potential for disease which an impaired intestine can represent. Above all, abnormal colonisation of the intestine with pathogenic germs – especially the Candida fungus – as a result of poor diet and medication such as antibiotics leads to what is known as leaky gut syndrome when the intestinal mucous membranes are badly damaged by fungal toxins. The intestine becomes the entry route for food allergens, pathogenic germs and toxins and consequently causes a number of chronic syndromes such as allergies, skin diseases, arthritis, migraine, etc. Other digestive organs such as the
stomach and pancreas are often also affected. Naturopathic treatment, including bioresonance therapy, aims to stabilise the intestine and eliminate pathogenic germs, toxins and allergens in order to build up a healthy intestinal flora and restore an intact immune system.

1. Diagnosis

I take the time with each new patient to take a detailed medical history and, depending on the clinical picture, also perform a comprehensive conventional medical diagnosis if no existing results are available. If possible, we then continue working mainly with naturopathy.

Detailed patient history:

– Symptoms (enteritis? constipation?
– Accompanying symptoms (skin? itching?
headaches? pain in the joints?)
– Duration of the condition
– Eating habits
– Medicines
– Available results
– Personal circumstances (stress?)
– Dental problems, any disturbing foci
(root-treated teeth)
– Sleeping area (electronic smog, metal in the bed, etc.)
– B12, possible Borrelia, CRP2 and CCP3)
– Abdominal sonography
– Possible stool test for blood and tumour enzymes
– Possible referral for gastro- and colonoscopy

Conventional medical diagnosis:

– Comprehensive lab tests (blood count,
liver, kidneys, blood sugar, pancreatic
enzymes, fats, electrolytes, TSH1, IgE,
B12, possible Borrelia, CRP2 and CCP3)
– Abdominal sonography
– Possible stool test for blood and tumour enzymes
– Possible referral for gastro- and colonoscopy

Bioresonance testing with tensor or electroacupuncture:

– Foodstuffs
– Fungal infestation (Candida, poss. also
Aspergillus, Mucor and Penicillium)
– Intestinal parasites (Ascarides, Eurythema pancreaticum, Oxyuris, etc.)
– Heavy metals
– Borrelia, EBV, Herpes viruses, Yersinia, Klebsiella, Clostridia
– Poss. testing of disturbing dental foci and inoculations in the event of immune blocks

1 TSH = thyroid stimulating hormone

2. Therapy

Before starting any bioresonance therapy, the patient is first given detailed advice about the necessary changes in diet and – if required – about reorganising their sleeping area and changing their lifestyle (exercise).

Detailed dietary advice:

– Strict avoidance of sugar and wheat flour
– Use of original spelt or similar “ancient”
cereals, rye and oats as well if tolerated
– Less animal protein, no pork
– More “basic” food (vegetables, salads, potatoes, some fruit)
– Use of pure and low mineral drinking water

Medicines, food supplements:

– IMPORTANT: Probiotics! (e.g. lactic acid and bifidobacteria)
– MSM4, possibly also Sanum preparations or occasionally also nystatin for fungal therapy
– Base preparations and RSM5 drops or
Rechts Regulat for acidaemia
– Plant or homeopathic remedies for relief of severe gastric or intestinal complaints

Bioresonance therapy:

Many of our patients live some distance away and are therefore unable to come for treatment regularly. Consequently we treat them each time with an extensive program lasting from one to occasionally even up to one and a half hours. Since I run a general practice in addition to naturopathy, I do
not have much time for testing. The stresses affecting the patient are tested thoroughly in the first session. During the course of treatment specific tests are checked again. We have standardised the sequence of the programs as much as possible. If the patient’s condition requires, I establish a different sequence.

After basic therapy the eliminating organ systems are first stabilised (intestine each time, kidneys and liver usually alternating in turn). Acute problems such as sinusitis, bronchitis, stomach ache, etc are also treated. Then the most important fungal, parasitic, bacterial and viral stresses are treated. Afterwards allergies are eliminated. Finally program 900 or the Combined Test Technique (CTT) meridian ampoules are applied to stabilise the patient.

1st treatment:

– Basic therapy following conductivity
– 970 (toxin elimination)
– 570 (increasing powers of resistance)
– 910 (elimination of scar interference)
– 700 (geopathy compensation)
– 930, 565 (regulating intestinal activity)
– In the case of severe intestinal disorders, meridian programs as well: 220 (intestine acute-inflammatory) or
221 (intestine chronic degenerative)
– 480 (supporting renal activity) or 381 (meridian program kidneys chronic degenerative) better for older or severely chronically sick patients
– 900 (increasing vitality)

2 CRP = C-reactive protein (= indicates inflammation)
3 CCP = antibody against cyclic citrullinated
peptide (= marker for rheumatoid arthritis)
4 MSM = methylsulfonylmethane (sulphur salt tablets)
5 RSM = right-spin lactic acids

2nd treatment:

– Basic therapy following conductivity
– 970 (toxin elimination)
– 570 (increasing powers of resistance)
– 910 (elimination of scar interference, needed twice)
– 930, 565 (regulating intestinal activity)
– 430 (supporting hepatic activity) or 311 (meridian program liver chronic degenerative) better for older or severely chronically sick patients
– Therapy for pathogens
– Allergy therapy

Therapy for pathogens:

– 971 (stool sample with Candida ampoules in input cup)
– 972 (various medicines for fungi, parasites, viruses and bacteria in the input cup)
– First 999, then 978 or 998 (5 to 10 minutes) with the tested fungi, parasites, viruses and bacteria in the input cup
– 192 Combined Test Technique elimination ampoules for fungal, bacterial and parasitic toxins as well as anti-virus ampoules (initially 10-fold amplification, then amplify 64-fold)

Allergy therapy (foodstuffs):

– 1. session: 999 (in the case of severe allergies, begin with 963, gradually increase amplification)
– 2. session: 944
– 3. session: 945, 998
– 4. session: 977, 998
– if required, additional sessions:
963, 977, 998

Pathogen therapy is performed with virtually every treatment. In most cases food allergies are treated individually until they test negative. I generally combine cross-allergens such as wheat flour and apples, for example.

We have had a number of outstanding successes with this therapy system in recent years. To maintain the effect I recommend my patients attend a refresher treatment each month, as well as continuing a healthy diet. At this session, in addition to intestinal, renal and hepatic regulation, elimination therapy of the tested pathogens (fungi, parasites, viruses and bacteria) is always performed to maintain intestinal resistance and thereby a stable immune system.

C A S E  S T U D I E S

Case 1
Girl, aged 10
Constant abdominal pain
Pain after eating anything (spasmodic periumbilical pain), already worried before eating food, very slim, anxious, depressive, normal bowel movements, no abnormal findings following examination by paediatricians and in hospital, stool samples normal.

Lab tests at my surgery: IgE level 1,800!
Intolerant of virtually all foods, even carrots, potatoes, etc.

After initial detoxification first fungal therapy, also parasite therapy in the second session.

That same evening the girl excreted large quantities of worms at home on the toilet! Parasitic infestation was the main cause of the complaint.

Following extensive parasite therapy with bioresonance and also medication as well as treatment of the most important foodallergens, the girl was symptom-free. The IgE level in her blood had dropped to 400 after just a few treatments.

Case 2 Woman, aged 54
Severe chronic pancreatitis
For years the patient had suffered from severe diarrhoea, abdominal pain and significantly raised pancreatic enzyme levels in lab tests. The cause was not clear. She could not tolerate alcohol at all. The university hospitals in Regensburg and Munich could not help either. In December
2006 an abdominal CT scan revealed large tumours and cysts on the pancreas were observed and pancreatic cancer was suspected.

Laboratory values:

– Only increased inflammatory factors
– Tumour markers were normal
(CA 19-9. CEA)
– IgE normal, gluten antibodies not raised


– Gluten and wheat protein allergy!
– Cows’ milk allergy
– Intestine infested with Candida and various parasites
– Chronic Borrelia infection


We treated the cows’ milk, wheat flour and gluten allergies for 4 months, continuing with the infestation with Borrelia, Candia and parasites. Initially we also supported the pancreas with meridian program 301. The patient cooperated well and, during bioresonance therapy, ate a diet completely free of gluten and cows’ milk, as well as sugar.

The abdominal pain and diarrhoea disappeared very rapidly. Monitoring the pancreatic tumours by CT scan after
2 months revealed a clear regressive

The tumours had completely disappeared after 4 months and the pancreas was completely normal. The patient was able to
eat all kinds of food again without any symptoms. She is now doing very well.

Case 3 Woman, aged 22
Crohn’s disease
The patient had suffered for 2 years from severe inflammatory intestinal disease with severe pain and also, at times, diarrhoea containing blood and mucous. A section of the intestine was even surgically removed due to severe inflammation. Despite intensive conventional medical treatment with Mesalazin and, on occasion,
cortisone the patient’s symptoms persisted and she frequently had diarrhoea. Intensive antibiotic treatment before the outbreak of Crohn’s disease was obviously the cause and so serious intestinal dysbacteria was assumed.

Laboratory values:

– Increased inflammatory factors
– IgE normal


– Severe infestation with Candida and intestinal parasites
– Gluten and wheat protein allergy
– Cows’ milk allergy


In addition to the food allergies we treated the Candida and parasitic infestation intensively each week and also supported the intestine with colitis programs (461,
432). By adjusting the diet, administering
probiotics and weekly bioresonance therapy, the symptoms subsided relatively quickly. The inflammatory factors in the lab tests returned to normal.

The patient is now doing very well. She can eat normally once more but continues to be careful with sugar, wheat flour and cows’ milk.

Case 4 Woman, aged 70
Increased pancreatic tumour marker levels
The patient had no symptoms. The slightly increased tumour marker levels detected by an external lab were a chance finding
(CA 19-9: 67, normal reading <37). Abdominal MRI was normal.


– Slight intestinal infestation with Candida and parasites
– Wheat flour intolerant


By avoiding wheat flour and sugar and undergoing regular bioresonance therapy, the tumour marker initially dropped but then rose again. Despite intensive therapy the CA 19-9 level continued to rise to
2,600! MRI scans of the pancreas still failed to detect anything abnormal. We continued searching for the causes and hit upon disturbing dental foci! The patient did not feel any pain yet had a number of dead root-treated teeth, including teeth nos. 26 and 27, both connected with the pancreas via the earth meridian. These teeth had a purulent inflammation in the root area.

Following extraction of the teeth by the dentist and intensive follow-up bioresonance treatment with the CTT dental test set, the tumour marker level fell steadily and is now 29.

Case 5 Girl, aged 17
Frequent spasmodic abdominal pain and diarrhoea
The patient complained of frequent diarrhoea accompanied by spasmodic abdominal pain. The patient’s medical history was very vague and pointed to a number of different food allergies.


– Cows’ milk allergy
– Wheat flour allergy
– Pork allergy
– Tomato allergy
– Infestation with Candida, parasites and


The patient altered her diet and we treated the tested infestations and allergies. Bioresonance soon improved her condition but we were unable to stabilise her properly. Diarrhoea and abdominal pain kept recurring on eating a variety of foods. Then, by chance, I came upon a book on histamine allergy. The patient’s symptoms fitted this clinical picture exactly. A lab test and tensor testing confirmed histamine allergy. As a result we eliminated histamine with bioresonance. However, the patient reacted to the usual therapies with violent abdominal spasms. So we treated her very cautiously with program 963 (Ai with
0.025-fold amplification) and very gradually increased the amplification to 64-fold.

Her clinical picture has now stabilised. The patient can eat foods containing histamine once more, she just cannot tolerate large quantities at one meal.

Case 6 Man, aged 70
Chronic gastritis
The patient had been suffering from stomach ache for decades. Repeated gastroscopic investigations always revealed non-specific helicobacter-negative gastritis. The usual treatment with antacids failed to bring about any improvement.


– Cows’ milk allergy
– Wheat flour allergy
– Infestation with Candida, parasites and


After adjusting the patient’s diet we treated the allergies and pathogen infestations with our usual bioresonance therapy. We also treated the stomach itself with programs
330 (stomach acute-inflammatory) and
461 (pyloric complaints, wound healing, stomach ache).

After just a short time the patient was already much better and, for the first time in years, did not have stomach ache. He
is now symptom-free and able to eat everything.

In recent years we have been able to offer outstanding help to a large number of patients with bioresonance therapy. It has become an indispensable part of our naturopathic therapy.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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