Why upgrade to an Optima

BICOM® Optima – 5 therapy devices in one unit

The BICOM BICOM optima® features 5 treatment modules in one unit. Of these, the basic module is the actual component for applying the BICOM® bioresonance method. The other modules can all also be used to support bioresonance.

1. Basic module

2. Stabilisation module

3. Magnetic field module

4. Substance complexes module

5. Potentiation module

Easy start programs

Very user friendly

Optional, depending on device type
Electroacupuncture (EAP) test module


The treatment modules are based on the assumption that the electromagnetic fields emitted by all organs and cells interact and that these interactions are vitally important for regulating the physiological processes taking place within the body.

In addition it is assumed that the body’s electromagnetic fields and the electromagnetic emissions from certain substances and the environment also interact.

Based on many years’ experience with bioresonance it is also assumed that the body’s physiological regulation can be adversely affected by, for example, the emission of toxins, parasites, viruses, bacteria and allergens but that the electromagnetic fields of substances which are beneficial to the body can have a positive effect on man.

In biophysics these interactions have been the subject of international scientific research yet they are still largely unfamiliar and disputed in medical schools.

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